Get buckled in because we have a monster blog post full of Otesaga wedding photos hitting you first thing this morning right between the eyes! You may remember Stacey+Rich from their NYC engagement shoot which we did in the Fall. I feel like I can usually get a pretty good vibe from a couple just from the engagement shoot alone – and when they rented out an abandoned and sick NYC building for us to shoot in I knew it was going to be the start of an awesome relationship! Factor that in with an Otesaga wedding, and her team of vendors… well just check out the images below:

Nice window light, and gorgeous designers – nice way to start the day (other than the snow storm!)

These rooms provide the best backdrop for Otesaga wedding photos

Another hot C+W bride (no, it never gets old)

Rich and the guys were holding serve though – his tux fit like a glove and his bow tie was awesome. Rich probably was wondering if I was hitting on him during the wedding but when a guy really gets something custom it shows

I’m always sneaking around looking for moments like these

It was very snowy outside so we wanted to stay a little warm, even if it was just for a minute

But you know I have to go outside! Cmon now. Christine Wheat was there to make me, and my Otesaga wedding photos, look good once again

A couple of my favorites – absolutely in love with these images

Afterward we headed over to the Farmers Museum to hit up some of their great locations for Otesaga wedding photos

Yes this is a devoted wedding party, I’m not sure it ever got above 15 or 16 degrees the entire time we were outside

This tree with hanging snowflake table cards was a huge hit

David Michael Schmidt from Renaissance Floral Designs absolutely knocked it out of the park on this one. The man is insanely talented anyway, and you see him on this blog a lot….but damn!

I wasn’t the only one impressed :))

Otesaga weddings look amazing

I love this moment during one of the toasts

Dancing the night away with Soul Session

As if ALL OF THAT wasn’t enough – yep, it’s time for the sickest backdrop in the history of weddings. Seriously check that thing out!! That’s a blue sheet hung from piping with several rows and layers of hand-cut snowflakes. The layers and different rows give it that dimension the background has.

Thank you to both families for having me, and for allowing me to capture your Otesaga wedding photos. Seriously you all were awesome, and you had a truly incredible wedding. I’m sincere when I say I feel lucky to have been included. Also a big thank you to the team of pros that I worked with that day – everyone was on tippy top of their game and it was fun to watch. It’s inspiring. And of course shooting Otesaga wedding photos are some of my favorites (hope to do it again soon Melissa!)


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