We love being a part of elaborate weddings, and Jessica+Jeff’s Oheka Castle wedding was certainly every bit of that. But if you were to take away all the beautiful flowers and elegant dresses, you would still have a couple that create something unique and special when they are together. The Best Man touches on this sentiment when he first says, “you are the company you keep” which got a laugh, but then said that Jeff told him after he and Jessica first met, “making her happy, makes me happy.” That is the experience we all got from this couple and it was expressed through their family and many, many close friends.

Lets face it though, while we have ourselves an incredible couple, this wedding was off the hook. Vanda High and her team put together and orchestrated an event that was well detailed and stunning in every way. There seemed to be storm clouds on the horizon all day, but the weather didn’t break until five seconds after the kiss. Literally every part of this day seemed to fall right into place.

We are so thrilled to share this Oheka Castle Wedding video with you today and want to thank Jessica+Jeff for having us. I’ll also give credit where credit is due with Ira of Ira Lippke studio for his eye and attention to detail.