It’s officially Spring here in New England and wedding crazy season has officially started! It’s time for all the photos to be taken outside and no more coldness. A little over a week ago we had the opportunity to head over to Boston to the Taj Hotel, to shoot Allison+Jamie’s wedding!

I love Allison’s face in this picture, look at how excited she looks to finally be getting her Oscar de la Renta dress on!

The flowers were extremely nice and went awesome with the purple of the bridesmaid’s dress.

Even Allison’s accessories were gorgeous

I love this shot of the two of them seeing each other for the first time…. You couldn’t fake that amount of excitement!

Afterward we headed out to take advantage of the amazing colors that blossomed only a few days prior

The ceremony was right in the Hotel, and definitely was a touch tight, but honestly I felt like it give things a more intimate feel in the images.

The room on the top floor looked incredible, and the view of the city with the sunset was perfect

Oh wait did I just say sunset? Let’s scoot out for 10 minutes for the butta light :)

Loved all the purple. Allison also was rocking the mic all night long!

Thank you both so much for letting our photo+cinema team come and rock the house! We had a blast and tried to do you proud, but Allison still took home the trophy. Hopefully the wedding pictures and film (coming soon!) will make up for it :)


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