What are your wedding colors and/or themes?
Green with metallic flares

What is your inspiration when planning your wedding?
We were going for ‘rustic luxe’ and ‘boho chic’ vibes ; )

Did you incorporate any fun themes/motifs or design elements?
We tried to blend in with the natural beauty and lushness of the area this time of year by keeping the decor on the natural side. A few pieces had special meaning to us. Here are a few examples: the necklace Lara wore was made with a stone mined in North Carolina, the state where we first met, and a diamond from her grandmother’s engagement ring. William’s parents had the cake at the welcome party made as a ‘snapshot in time’ of our life as we’re about to move to Detroit to start a new chapter with our dog, Dixie, and his Jeep which a fitting as he will be working for Jeep in Michigan! Keeping with the personal touches, the living centerpieces were created by Lara’s mom and aunt (including her aunt making all of the pots herself from local clay) and several were gifted to family members after the fact as keepsakes. Lara’s dad made the arbor out of birch trees grown on their family farm, and William’s brother in law officiated the ceremony. Finally, the ‘59 red MG roadster was rebuilt by Lara’s brother over the past year so we could zip away in it after the ceremony and have a private moment to ourselves.

Did you include any special traditions, old or new?
Not really, we just were very focused on making the events a coming together of our families and our friends in a celebratory but not overly fancy atmosphere.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Just that we had the most fun, were so pleased the parts out of our control (like the weather!) worked out in our favor, and feel so insanely lucky that so many friends and family made the trek to spend a weekend with us!

Thank you both so much for allowing us to capture and share your Equinox Vermont wedding photos!

Dress Designer: Hayley Paige
Dress Shop: Tre Bella Boutique in Durham, NC
Hair/makeup: Green Door Spa in Manchester, VT
Flowers: Hybl Fannin Design in Middletown Springs, VT
Cake: cake pops from Simply Sweet in Pittsfield, MA
Catering: Equinox Resort
Entertainment: DJ Paul with SuperSounds in Burlington, VT
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Rachel LeClair at the Equinox

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