Many of our frequent blog visitors already know how much we love Sagamore weddings in Lake George, so we’re in for a treat sharing this set of summer wedding photos! The teaser from this wedding that we shared on our facebook page was one of the most popular of the year, so I knew putting this feature together was going to be fun. Not only did we have literally perfect weather, summer diffuse clouds, and the all around formula for great Sagamore Weddings… but Ashley, Forrest, and their families were all so fun and excited for the big day. I really feel like that comes across in the images below, and I’m super proud to share:

Ashley and all the girls were looking good and were all smiles when we arrived (this always helps!)
Ashley’s dress looked beautiful on her
The incredibly long C+W beautiful bride streak continues!
We had some fun on the grounds with Ashley once she was dressed, I just love how playful and fun this is. She was so happy on her wedding day and the dress looked great… just giving things some motion and energy – deserved it’s own blog spread :) Classic Sagamore Weddings backdrop too.
Forrest and the guys were great all day as well – and one thing to note was Forrest had his father in the wedding party. I did that personally when I was married 5 years ago and I almost never see it… props to you on such a classy and heartfelt move.
Both wedding parties looked great, so we did our thing creating awesome C+W group shots (one of the things we’re known for)
Even though we could have stayed on the grounds of The Sagamore forever, we headed over to the church for the wedding ceremony
These glances and looks during the getting married part of the day are always what we’re trying to capture


After the ceremony it was time for some more fun back at The Sagamore – love these bridal party wedding photos!
Gamble had to get in on the wedding photo fun as well!
Before we went into cocktail hour we went around The Sagamore grounds for a few more minutes to capture some addition wedding photos

The reception room at the Sagamore weddings we photograph always looks beautiful, and Ashley did not disappoint
Beautiful first dance
The toasts portion of the day were absolutely great. These toasts had humor, joking, seriousness, tears, and hugs… I had to give it all one big spread because it was such a highlight of the day
After that it was time to head down to the docks for some BUTTA LIGHT (you knew it was coming!)
Ashley I told you I wasn’t lying when I said you were killing it!
One of my absolute favs…
And because this is the type of wedding we were having…. let’s have the boat go by right at sunset behind the couple kissing. I mean you know it’s your day right?
No we’re not done – we have to hit up the sparkler send off on the way out!
Thank you both for allowing us to capture such an incredibly beautiful wedding, and for sharing your Sagamore weddings photos

Hair: Sagamore Salon
Florist: Finishing Touches
Church: Blessed Sacrament
Reception: The Sagamore Weddings
Rentals: Fine Affairs
Band: NY Players
Catering: The Sagamore Weddings
Cake: Sagamore Weddings

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