Get buckled in because we have some Sagamore wedding photos for you that are absolutely off the hook today! Sacha+Justin literally had the perfect wedding day, up in Lake George, right on the water for a Sagamore wedding. The sky was blue, the water was even more blue, Sacha is yet another knock-out CW bride, and we even had our BFFs from Renaissance Floral by our side once again (seems to be a theme this summer… on all the above). I made this longer than our normal blog feature, I had to sneak in a couple extras because I loved this wedding so much, so let’s dive in!

Love these angles… always looking for something different

Sacha and the girls were rocking it all day – this is my favorite shot because it shows their personalities so well

It’s almost not fair…
the sagamore bride wedding

As I said we had David there rocking some gorgeous floral arrangements for us once again

Justin and the guys were great to shoot with as well…. and they even get 3 spread for the guys (tells you how much I’m feeling it)

It was literally the perfect day to capture Sagamore wedding photos
the sagamore outdoor wedding ceremony

I love this angle trying to capture the mountains in the background

I had to make sure I was able to capture the couple and Marcy with the iconic Sagamore wedding photo backdrop

buuuuuuuuuutta light, oh how we love you so
the sagamore sunset dock wedding photos

Mixing it up with some different lighting for these Sagamore wedding photos as well
the sagamore wedding portrait

The room at Sagamore weddings always looks great, but the hanging lights were a really, really great touch
the sagamore lake george wedding decor

sagamore wedding tent

Love these moments

Just when you think we’re done – NOPE we hit ya with a couple twilight portraits just to make sure this is the freshest set of Sagamore wedding photos all year!
sagamore wedding photos

sagamore wedding photo

Thank you both so much for allowing us to capture+share your Sagamore wedding photos in Lake George!

Dress: San Patrick
Hair/makeup: Make Me Fabulous
Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff
Flowers: Renaissance Floral Design
Cake: Sagamore weddings
Catering: The Sagamore
Entertainment: Jeffrey Scott Entertainment
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Dawn @ The Sagamore weddings
Officiant: Victoria O. Milne
Sagamore Wedding Photos Lake George: Clark+Walker Studio

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