Today we have one of my favorite weddings this Fall – a gorgeous Sagamore wedding with great people, amazing light, and a killer team. I’ll let these 2 tell the story….
What are your wedding colors and/or themes? Our colors were plum, blush, and gray. We wanted our wedding theme to match the beauty of The Sagamore, so we used the term “diamonds and pearls” when explaining our vision. We wanted the old, classical look of a pearl paired with the sparkle and wow-factor of a diamond.

How did you meet? We met water skiing in 2008 at Eastern Regionals. Kevin skied for the U.S. Water Ski Show Team out of Scotia, NY. Kali skied for the Oxbow Water Ski Show Team out of Northampton, MA. Although rivals, we were able to put our differences apart. We have been inseparable since we met seven years ago.

Do you have a special proposal story? Here’s what we wrote for our wedding website (shorten as necessary haha): When Kali got home from work on Friday, she opened the front door of their house to two dozen roses on the entry table and the start of a scavenger hunt. Kevin’s letters led her through the house to an outfit and a letter that told her to go outside. When she got outside Kevin pulled up with the car all packed, including her bag, and their dog Bear sitting in the back seat. He gave her the final letter, which said “Happy Early Anniversary Weekend!!! I love you.” Kali was under the impression that they were just heading on a trip to celebrate their anniversary weekend early. Knowing that Kali always figures out surprises ahead of time, Kevin told her he wanted to celebrate their anniversary early because he knew she wouldn’t expect it. After an hour and a half car ride, they arrived at the Dahlonega Spa Resort. Once settled in they headed to dinner at The Oar House and were seated at the best table in the house overlooking the river. The waitress greeted them with a large smile and acted overly-friendly all night. Kali pointed it out to Kevin and he just laughed. Once they arrived back to the resort, Kevin told Kali that they had to be up early on Saturday for a yoga class which turned into a massage. Upon arriving back to the room, Kali begged Kevin to tell her the remaining plans for the weekend. Kevin let Kali know that the last surprise was that they were going to lunch at their favorite winery and he swore that was all. Kali went to get ready and when she walked into the bedroom, there was a white dress waiting for her on the bed. It was beautiful, but short sleeve, and unfortunately the weather in GA was a little rainy that weekend and Kevin forgot to pack her a sweater. Once ready, they walked out to the car and to Kali’s surprise (the surprises were supposed to be over) a car and driver showed up to take them to the winery. However, with the chilly weather, Kali insisted that they stop at a store so she could grab a sweater. Little did she know, she was setting Kevin’s plans behind as she went on a shopping spree to find something warm. They finally arrived at Wolf Mountain Vineyards and headed down to the tasting room to sample a flight of wine. Kali assumed Kevin was just really thirsty, as he continued to drink wine at turbo speed while she slowly enjoyed every sip. Since it had been a few hours since their last meal, Kali insisted that they get a cheese plate even after Kevin tried to convince her that they’d eat lunch soon. Once they finished their cheese, Kevin kept trying to get Kali to go out on the porch of the winery, but she said it was too cold and rainy. Finally, during their 2nd to last tasting, Kali finally agreed to go out on the porch which overlooked a pergola below. Kevin pointed out that it looked like someone was playing guitar in the pavilion, so Kali suggested they walk down there. They started to leave the porch, but there was a sign that said “No Glasses Beyond This Point.” Kali recognized the sign and suggested that they finish their last tasting before walking down to the pavilion. In the meantime, a Nashville singer by the name of John Karl had been playing a two hour set for them and she had no clue. Kevin quickly drank his last sample while Kali enjoyed it down to the last drop. They went outside and the rain had cleared. Kevin led Kali down the stairs towards the pavilion. Kali mentioned how the pavilion was set up for a wedding and insisted that the singer must have been practicing for the wedding to take place later that night. She was excited to go listen to the warm up. As they walked closer, Kali pointed out how she thought the musician was singing one of their favorite songs by John Karl. As they got even closer, Kali said “that even looks like John Karl. I bet he’s playing the wedding later. Let’s go say hi”. At that point, Kevin started to pick up the pace and Kali just assumed he was excited to see him. Hand in hand, Kevin led Kali up the stairs. Kali began to walk down the aisle of the pavilion to see John Karl and his wife Tracy, but Kevin stopped her three quarters of the way to the alter and began to get down on one knee. Kali immediately broke out in tears of happiness and surprise as she suddenly realized what was happening…he got her good this time. It was there, overlooking the vineyard and Blue Ridge Mountains with their favorite song being played live in the background, that he asked her to marry him. While on one knee, Kevin said to Kali ” I love you so much and Bear wants us to be a family. Will you marry me?” (Kevin later told Kali that he had a whole speech planned out but he forgot everything when he saw her reaction.) It was the most perfect proposal.

What is your inspiration when planning your wedding? We wanted our guests to have the best night ever, but we also wanted to make our wedding day the best day of our own lives, which it certainly was. The excitement of knowing that we would become husband and wife, once all of the planning came to an end, kept us pushing through the process.

Did you incorporate any fun themes/motifs or design elements? We wanted our wedding to be personalized and unique to us and not just feel like a generic wedding. We added photographs to our gift table, specialty drinks to the bar named after our middle names, personalized napkins, a message to our guests which we left at each table setting, and our first dance was live to the same song Kevin proposed to Kali with. Our sand ceremony included a base of Sagamore sand. Kevin poured sand from the Mohawk River where he grew up skiing for the U.S. Show Team and Kali poured sand from the Oxbow on the Connecticut River where she grew up skiing, and where Kevin and her first met. Kevin wore a tie pin from his late grandmother. Kevin also has an unhealthy obsession with socks, so all of his groomsmen and our fathers had “high sock game” (as Kevin say’s) the day of our wedding. Kali’s Mother (Gail) handmade her veil and did all of her dress alterations. Kali carried a handkerchief passed down from her great grandmother. She also wore a blue topaz ring (her birthstone) on her right ring finger that Kevin gave to her on her 23rd birthday. Kevin’s uncle (Tom) was our officiant, which made our ceremony very special to us. He became certified just so he could perform our wedding.

Did you include any special traditions, old or new? To cut our cake, we used the same knife that has been used at four generations of weddings. It has been passed down through Kevin’s Mother’s side and each couple has had the knife engraved with their names and wedding date. It is now ours to pass down to our children for their wedding. Kali’s parents also had our toasting glasses engraved with our wedding date.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Planning a wedding without a wedding planner is a lot of work, but once you see everything come together on your wedding day, it makes all the effort that much more worth it. You feel such a great sense of accomplishment and excitement that all of your hard work paid off. At the end of the day, nothing can overcome the joy you feel of knowing you get to marry the one you love. #permanentlykaiser #weloveluke
























We hope everyone enjoys this feature full of The Sagamore wedding photos!

Dress Designer: Pronovias
Dress Shop: Angela’s Bridal (Albany, NY)
Hair/makeup: Jennifer Rosario (Hair)/Erin Muller (Make-up)
Bridesmaid dresses: JJ’s House
Flowers: Renaissance Floral Design
Cake: Lori Desorcie (Executive Pastry Chef at The Sagamore Resort)
Catering: The Sagamore Resort
Entertainment: Blue Honey (Band – Nashville, TN), Patrick Sharrow (Entrance and Cocktail Hour – Schenectady, NY) & Carolyn Decker (Ceremony and Seating Music – Albany, NY)
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: We worked a lot on pulling together all the small details for our vision to come together perfectly. David (RFD) really helped to put together the perfect florals and table design. Abigail (Sagamore) did all of the coordination to make sure our day ran smoothly.

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