So many of our couples live outside the area in which our studio is based, so the in-person meeting just isn’t an option for the majority of the couples who work with us. However we know the wedding album is an incredibly important piece of the wedding photography decision, and we like to honor that. As a way of getting people comfortable with the gorgeous leather albums we offer we’ve created this page to show off our goods in a variety of pictures. We understand (and agree) that there’s nothing quite like a fresh new wedding album, unfolding the paper, that new leather smell… but we hope this is the next best way to show off these albums. We want to put one of those aforementioned leather albums in your hands, so hopefully this showcase helps your comfort level in making this decision.
Here you can see the beautiful leather cover, and also the thickness of the pages (and quality)





The vertical presentation you’ve seen above is a little more popular, but we can also design them horizontally as you see here



On the right is our signature Leather Album that you’ve seen throughout this showcase, but on the left you’ll also see our Portrait Album. The main difference between these 2 books is the cover. The leather Album is obviously leather (a huge variety of colors are available), while the Portrait Album is a large photo wrapped around the front+back covers. You’ll also notice a slightly thinner page on the Portrait Album. In our packages we use the Leather Album as our “wedding album” for the couple, and Portrait Album as our “parent album” for the parents.



All of our albums are designed in-house, by our own album designer, and they are previewed by you online. You can give feedback, changes, and generally be as involved as you’d like. We work hard to make this album perfect since we know this will be the “brag piece” from your gorgeous event!

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