Some incredible weather this weekend wasn’t it? If you’re like me right now Monday morning isn’t getting you overly excited (unless you are a Cornell fan… go Big Red!) to go back to work. Here’s a little jump start to your morning though!

I met Tia a couple years ago while she was working for The Knot. As many of you I’m sure know by now, Clark+Walker does most of the NYC runway photography for The Knot and Tia and I had some long and interesting days working together around Manhattan! Nothing like crazy days around NYC catching cabs and going to show after show during bridal fashion week to get to know someone. Now that Tia is engaged I was honored that her+Bernardo turned to me to capture their engagement photos.

When I saw this yellow bench I had to bring it out onto the walkway for a shot. Little did I know as soon as I did someone would come out and start telling us the story of when she was engaged for about 5 minutes (at least!). When she finished Tia says to me doesn’t she know this is prime light?! Haha that’s when you know it’s going to be an awesome shoot!
I think we had a pretty good backdrop to work with
One of my favorite parts of doing engagement shoots is watching couples having fun and just coming alive during the shoot. I think everyone is at least slightly intimidated about having their photos done, but once people start to feel like we’re just hanging out and having fun it always comes through in the photos
My personal favorite from the session… Tia work it now!
I love the spot we picked for the engagement shoot… Google Maps are one of our best friends!
So much to work with…
We eventually had to head in towards some of the streets and back alleys
I love this little black and white series
Finally we finished with a little relaxing by the water and gave Tia a chance to kick off those heels

I know I’ve said it at least a couple times now, but I want to say thank you one more time for an awesome evening. I had a great visit, really enjoyed a beautiful evening, and the dinner to finish the night was perfect. I’m already looking forward to next time.


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