What are your wedding colors and/or themes?
The Woodstock Inn & Resort exudes classic elegance and we wanted our wedding colors to reflect this so we chose white, black, chartreuse, and gold accents to be the main colors of the day. White and black reflect the classic look of the outside of the Inn, chartreuse mirrors the greenery of the front lawn and nature that surrounds Woodstock, and gold echos the many gold furnishings and iconic gold eagle that are symbols of the Woodstock Inn & Resort. To infuse a pop of joy, happiness, and fun, we chose shades of coral and pink for the bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers with gold glitter accents to liven up the day. Dave and I are a classic couple, but with a special spark of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm, so we wanted our wedding to be exude both of these aspects.

What is your inspiration when planning your wedding?
Vermont has always had special meaning to me. I attended Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT and whenever I’d drive through Woodstock, VT on my way to school I’d look over at the Woodstock Inn & Resort and always think it was such a gorgeous location. I grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine so the quintessential New England look of Woodstock was always appealing to both Dave and I. During our first year of dating we did a summer trip to Middlebury and stopped in Woodstock to get sandwiches along the way. I remember sitting in the village green just across the street from the Woodstock Inn already knowing that Dave was the man I’d been looking for, but I remember seeing the Inn over Dave’s shoulder and looking at Dave and feeling it in my heart that whenever we did get married, that Woodstock would be the perfect place for us to build our wedding memories. Dave attended Williams College in Williamstown, MA, and Woodstock is conveniently located exactly halfway between Williams College and Middlebury College, which were both incredibly special places to each of us and our families. Ultimately, Woodstock just felt like “us” and we wanted a place where our families and friends could come together and really feel at home.

Did you incorporate any fun themes/motifs or design elements?
Gold glitter unexpectedly became a subtle theme throughout the wedding after we selected the Woodstock Inn which has an iconic gold eagle as its logo and many gold furnishings throughout. My dress was beaded ivory lace with a very light gold satin beneath, so I decided to play up the gold as a fun pop to add some extra sparkle to our celebration. From the invitations to the preserved boxwood centerpieces that were wrapped in gold glitter, to the gold glittered mason jars that held flowers and fun cocktail straws, to the wedding cake, cocktail napkins, votives, and Ferrero Rocher favors, gold had a way of making its way into many of the small design elements.
I wanted my bridesmaids and flower girl to be our fun pop of color at the wedding. To be a little less formal I had each of them wear a different style dress in shades of pink and coral so that they each looked special and unique on their own but cohesive as a group. The lace of the flower girl’s dress tied in visually with the lace of my gown, and then we all had a variation of gold glitter shoes that seemed to match each of our personalities. To make sure that the men didn’t miss out on the gold, we had the florist wrap their boutonnieres in subtle gold glitter ribbon to help round out our group as a whole ensemble.
I’m a graphic designer in my everyday life, so two of my favorite design elements were the custom craft beer I designed for Dave, and the surprise signature drink sign that I designed as a thank you to my sister. Dave loves brewing craft beer so as a surprise, my brother­in­law (one of the groomsmen) and I collaborated on a craft beer that he brewed and I designed the packaging that featured the outside of the Woodstock Inn. We named it “To Hop & To Hold” and it was a surprise gift to Dave on the wedding day and was featured as a decoration during the reception. I also decided to surprise my sister with a custom signature drink named in honor of her, the Matron of Honor (or “MOH” as they are known). Dave and I had already each picked a favorite drink to be our signature cocktails so I illustrated a sign to promote old fashioneds and mojitos. Little did my sister know that I had actually decided to name it the “Mitchell Sister MOH­jito” in honor of our sistership and all her incredible efforts as my Matron of Honor (MOH).

Did you include any special traditions, old or new?
One of the most special traditions that we included was that we asked my Dad and three of his childhood friends, my “Uncles”, who grew up singing together, to sing during the ceremony and reception. “The Hubcaps” as they are known sang barbershop at my parents wedding, some of The Hubcaps individual
weddings, and at my sister’s wedding. They don’t get to see each other very often, so to have all four of them reunite to sing at our wedding was one of the most meaningful gifts that they could give Dave and I. They were celebrating singing together for over 50 years and it brought an extremely personalized element to the wedding that we’ll never forget.
Instead of getting married in a church, Dave and I knew that, weather permitting, we’d love to get married outside surrounded by the beauty and sanctuary of nature. It would feel much more like us. We also knew that we’d prefer to have someone special to us perform the ceremony so we decided to ask one of my “Uncles”, also in the barbershop quartet, to perform the ceremony. Since Dave and I took the time to write the ceremony ourselves, select special readings that resonated with us, include “The Hubcaps” in the ceremony, and write our own vows, the ceremony had many personal touches that made it feel uniquely like us from start to finish.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Dave and I are still in awe of every moment from our wedding day. I used to think that people must just say their wedding was the best day of their life because that’s what you’re supposed to say about your wedding. But genuinely, from the bottom of our hearts, July 29, 2016 will forever go down in our minds as the most cherished and special day of our lives. Most importantly, it is hard to capture in words the gratitude that we feel for all of our family and friends who made the trip to Woodstock to be with us and the irreplaceable vendors who went absolutely above and beyond to make the creative vision that we had for July 29, 2016 a reality.
One of the photos that I knew I wanted to get at the end of the night was a picture of me with the creative team that helped make our day possible (EDITORS NOTE: we included this photo in the feature below!). I did a lot of research when I was selecting vendors to find people whose work I found impeccable, but who would also feel like friends to us on the wedding day. I figured that if I was going to be surrounded by photographers, videographers, a DJ, and a coordinator, it would be great to have people who make us smile and feel like an extension of our friends, rather than strangers.
Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for every single one of the vendors we worked with. Photos and video have always been a central part of my life, I was a film major in college with a critical eye for photography, so in order for me to relax on the wedding day I knew I’d have to find a photographer with a body of work that I truly admired. Katie Anello and Brandon of Clark + Walker studios were truly that team. Before the wedding I looked through several weddings that Katie had captured and I had complete confidence that she would fully document our day in an incredibly artistic and beautiful way that was exactly our style. I was excited and not stressed about the photos from the minute we signed the contract. Katie and Brandon blended in seamlessly with our family and friends and their personalities were such bright spots in our day. Katie felt like a friend to me and I feel honored to have had her artistic eye capture the moments that we cherish from that day. I am forever grateful to Katie and her team.

























Dress Designer: Alfred Angelo
Dress Alterations : All Fit Tailoring, Newbury Street, Boston
Hair: The Spa at Woodstock Inn
Bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Angelo
Flowers: Morgan Perrone, Valley Flower Company
Catering: Woodstock Inn & Resort
Entertainment: Evan LeCompte, Wedding DJ Vermont
Videographer: Daniel Latimer, Latimer Studios
Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Markey, Woodstock Inn & Resort
Wedding Designer: Eliza Mitchell (the bride was the creative designer of the look, feel, details, and atmosphere of the day)

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