Hall of Springs weddings are some of our favorites, and we’ve been on a major roll with them this Fall! Anytime we get to shoot in Saratoga Springs we’re happy, but weddings at the Hall of Springs have become almost a staple of the studio. Combine that with an absolute all-star cast of professionals and it’s time to get busy with some photos! This late night blog post turned into one of the longest of the Fall, so I want to dive right into it:
Alayne from Make Me Fabulous was on the scene, which always helps me start my day off right!

I loved this idea with her shoes… all her bridesmaids and some family wrote messages to her while also being something blue. Really cute idea.

Why yes, yes that IS another hot C+W bride!

Betsy made us look good all day

So did David Michael Schmidt from Renaissance Floral

The ladies were all looking fantastic

These little starlets were some of the cutest flower girls I’ve had all year. I could practically do a blog entry on just them.

Mike has been patient enough at this point, so we gotta get him some butta light

Once we nailed all of this it was time to set up a first meeting. This was one of the most important first meetings of the year for me, because it almost didn’t happen and I pushed so hard for it to happen. Normally I don’t push for them at all, I usually let people decide for themselves as I feel it’s a personal decision. However when I got Betsy’s timeline and saw no photos of them until after the ceremony, when it would be dark, I pushed and pushed (in a nice way) for this to happen. Like I said normally that’s never the case, I respect people’s decisions on how they want their wedding day to unfold and I want to support that. But not when it totally jacks up my photos :) So I knew the pressure was on to make this all worth it!

I have to give huge props to Betsy as well, because she was set against it and came all the way around to change her mind just for these photos. Hopefully everyone likes them!

Once we finished with that we headed to the Hall of Springs for the wedding. As soon as I walked in I was in love – the room looked incredible. Clifton Park Rental and Renaissance Floral teaming together on this beauty.

Another example of why I love Hall of Springs weddings? They held anyone from going in until I said I was done with the room. Now that was only about 10 minutes, I wouldn’t abuse that of course…. but I always sign their praises because they are so open to working with professionals. 99% of venues would just open the doors when it was convenient for them and if the photographer hasn’t captured the room – sucks to be you! But Tony said to me “I can hold them for a little longer but tell me as soon as you’re good” when I rushed in the door.

More awesome details!

Love this real look during the ceremony

Once this was all done I was able to sneak them outside for some twilight portraits – literally as their processing. Worth it though no?

Once we got back I was able to see the amazing transformation of the room to reception decor

Some killer info from Betsy – “Our theme for the wedding was to create a swanky, romantic, and dreamy experience. My idea of using all white(except for the bridesmaids flowers) was to really allow the color changes by Clifton Park Rental (CPRC) to bring the tables and flowers to life(and create a mood). I love anything big(and sometimes gaudy) so I really wanted to add crystal elements to the tables, and add drama to the head table by seating us in a delano couch with the Fabric Backdrop. Mikey has been pretty quiet through the whole thing and trusted me to create something we both would love. However, there was one thing he asked for, and one thing I know he would love. The one thing he really wanted was to create a little lounge area with fabric swags and tables where people could hang out. CPRC will be transforming one of the corners of the Hall of Springs into a Lounge Area.”

Amazing colors and the white dancefloor looked awesome

Wait, who’s that on the right? Celebrity guest appearance from mutual friends Carolyn and Dominick

Dress: Lazaro from Angela’s Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Make Me Fabulous
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Flowers: Renaissance Floral
Rentals: Clifton Park Rental
Cake: Coccadotts
Entertainment: City Rhythm
Video: LaRose Media

Thank you both so, so much for having us at your wedding!!

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