I’m so excited to start this Monday off with some gorgeous Studio Square Events wedding photos from NYC! This wedding started off on the right foot for me when Eric reached out and basically told me his fiance, Wendy, had to have Clark+Walker at their wedding. When people feel genuinely excited, like real excitement, for us being there it gets us really excited (as if we need more energy some of you are probably thinking). Then once we had a chance to facetime together Wendy let me know that she was “my biggest fan.” I thought that was such a great compliment and really meant a lot – but the more I heard her say it the more I realized I had to step it up for this wedding and push myself extremely hard. I mean how can I not try and find a new level for my self proclaimed biggest fan?

On the wedding though we started in the late morning and it was already pushing 100 degrees. Shooting NYC wedding photos in that time of heat with humidity can be brutal. However when Wendy and I met in person and she semi-shreked with excitement that was all I needed. It’s just been phenomenal getting to know both Eric and Wendy and I’m so excited to unveil these NYC wedding photos below. And yes, in case you are wondering, this will be the longest blog entry of the year (get ready to scroll)… but how can I not for my biggest fan?!

Love these tops the girls were wearing
wedding robes

The gorgeous C+W streak is alive and well!

Eric looked extremely handsome himself

Andrew was killing it with the guys…. BOOM
central park wedding party

Wendy has seen the blog though, she knows how important getting ready photos are

wedding dress

butta light in the getting ready room???

I couldn’t let Andrew show me up with the group shots….
central park wedding photos

Plus a group of ladies like this makes my wedding photos look real good

A first look in Central Park can always be a great time to capture NYC wedding photos

central park wedding

I cannot describe to you how hot it was shooting these photos, but these two were just incredible on the wedding day
nyc wedding photographers

Mixing up my group shots – and loving it!
central park wedding photo

bridal party photo

Once we were done sweating taking NYC wedding photos it was time to head to Studio Square Events in Astoria

Just killing it, all day long
wedding ceremony

Just an amazing backdrop of… oh… NYC behind the wedding. Oh and a sunset to boot.
studio square events wedding

One of my favorite ceremony shots

I had to take advantage of the rooftop view at this Studio Square Events wedding
studio square wedding

The view from Astoria was gorgeous for wedding photos
studio square astoria wedding

Thank you both so much for allowing us to capture your Studio Square Events wedding photos! It’s been a real honor.

Dress: Jim Hjelm
Hair/makeup: Hair: Selcuk Oral
Bridesmaid dresses: Lazaro
Flowers: Petals & Roots
Ceremony: Studio Square Events wedding
Cake: Sterling Affair
Catering: Sterling Affair
Entertainment: Elegancia Entertainment
Reception: Studio Square Events wedding
Studio Square Events wedding photos: Clark+Walker Studio

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