I’m very excited to start the week off right with a set of amazing Canfield Casino wedding photos! The Mexico wedding has been extremely popular, and a lot of work to share, but with that now off the plate I was very, very excited to jump into Erin+Bill’s wedding. I had been looking forward to working with these 2, and all their friends, for quite some time. I photographed Erin’s sister’s wedding back in October of 2012 and it was a great ending to a crazy wedding season. We all had so much fun, literally one of the most enjoyable weddings I had been too (both as a photographer, and even a guest). That meant that working with Erin+Bill was going to be fun, relaxed, and really a dream as a photographer. So as mentioned it’s time to hit the blog up with some local, fresh images that I’m super proud to share!

The Springwater Bed and Breakfast in Saratoga Springs provided an awesome backdrop for our wedding photos of details

Absolutely gorgeous light filled the room, Josh and I were in heaven (shout out to Kyle for always making our hot brides even hotter!)

Everyone was excited to see Erin with her dress on :)

These are the moments that we’re always looking to capture – just culling through the images I could feel myself smiling when I came upon these (and everyone looks good by the way… inside joke!)

Nobody more-so than Erin though!!

The girls all looked great too
canfield wedding photographer saratoga

LOVE this shot by Katie Anello, and it’s why we love being a team at C+W. We’re not defined by one person, or two people, it’s always a team of super talented people and it’s constantly inspiring each of us to raise our game
saratoga springs wedding photo

Speaking of which, Bill and the guys were super relaxed before the ceremony

And as we anticipated, a lot of fun to photograph too!

The parlor makes capturing Canfield Casino wedding photos a breeze

My favorite angles during the wedding ceremony
canfield casino wedding ceremony

After the wedding ceremony at Canfield Casino it was time for some portraits!
saratoga wedding photographers

Some of my favorites
canfield casino saratoga wedding

Congress Park in downtown Saratoga Springs makes Canfield Casino wedding photos super easy

C+W facebook teaser!
canfield casino wedding photos

The ballroom looked amazing of course

More moments that we’re always looking to capture. Briana gave a great speech, and being close sisters this is a moment that we felt important to capture. I know for me personally when I was married the shots of Ali and I are the ones hanging around the house, but we also have some moments with family that always stick with me because of how much these people mean to me. These are the types of moments with the people we love that stick with us.

Great speeches all the way around make our job easy though

The ballroom makes for great Canfield Casino wedding photos

A massive thank you to Erin+Bill, and all their friends+family for letting us into your day. We could not have had a more enjoyable task than capturing your Canfield Casino wedding photos, and we hope you enjoy!

Dresses: Lily Saratoga
Hair and Make Up: Kyle Ann Garcia
DJ: Vinny Vin
Planner: Katie O Weddings
Reception: Canfield Casino
Catering: Mazzone Hospitality
Florist: Fleurtacious
Sationary: The Yellow Note
Officiant: Reverand Sue Koehler-Arsenault
Video: Clark+Walker Studio (coming soon!)

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