I’m delighted to show you this NY same sex wedding in historic Sharon Springs, NY. Doug and Garth own the American Hotel, where the wedding and venue was held.

You might recognize Doug and Garth from the TV Show The Fabulous Beekman Boys. I download some episodes on my ipad after the wedding and it’s a super funny show! The Beekman Boys were there in attendance so I want to give them a quick shout out and link love.

See Doug and Garth’s wedding has been a long time coming! They only have been together for over 25 years! Doug and Garth’s inspiration for their wedding celebrates marriage equality in New York State. They wanted their property to be first to host a legal same-sex wedding and to host the best reception imaginable!

The rings have an incredible story behind them! The rings were hand forged locally by Michael McCarthy. Three generations of family rings and their original rings they gave to each otherĀ from 25 years ago… all melted into one.

Doug was an avid gardener and I can appreciate that as a gardener myself!

The cakes had to be just as fab as the couple! They were done Luna Cakes by Design, Gail Luna. Six tiered traditional almond cake with local sour cherry filling. They also had four satellite cakes including lemon, carrot, chocolate and cardamom. Enough said.

Flowers were done by Tim Robertson, Johnstone Florist, Palatine Bridge, NY. The flowers were done in early autumn seasonal colors including light oranges, lavenders, russets, and pale pink hydrangeas.


Thanks for having me you two. It was truly my honor sharing a day with a couple who truly understand commitment. I hope you to see you again soon in Historic Sharon Springs! Maybe for another wedding! :)


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