There are more wedding dresses behind this story than just one, and there is also a dress that got wisped and twirled more than probably any dress before it by a young flower girl. The story behind the dresses is one of ancestry and transcendence, each telling it’s own wedding tale of a woman that walked down the aisle before Marisa. I can’t help but to imagine how years from now, Marisa’s dress, aged and patina, will be hanging in line with them again with the addition of a bright new one.

I suppose before I get to far ahead of myself we should stick with this dress’s story; and it turned out to be a phenomenal one at that. Marisa+Chris are the couple that have the relationship we all want, they have the friends that only come with great experiences and family that supports unconditionally. There was no missing piece to this wedding and I would go so far to say that it was perfect.

We are so pleased to share this Candlewood Inn wedding with you, and I wanted to send a big shout out to photographer extraordinaire Trisha Keeler and assistant Becky. You both made the day that much better and I hope to see you again.

Thank you for having us at your Candlewood Inn wedding and making us feel like family.

Marisa+Chris's Candlewood Inn Wedding from Clark+Walker Studio on Vimeo.

Venue: Candlewood Inn
Photo: Trisha Keller Photography
Day or Planner: Square Mile Events

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