The Hildene in Manchester is fast becoming one of our favorite venues for Vermont weddings. The ceremony site and surrounding gardens absorb all the sunlight bouncing off the mountains and creates some of the best light I’m going to see all year. It’s outstanding!

There is also another, more important, element of this story that makes it particularly special and meaningful; it took place on 9/11. Michael’s brother while officiating the wedding opened with “There’s only a few people I know personally that I consider to be a hero. My little brother Michael is one of them.” And there were moments like this celebrated throughout the day. Meredith+Michael made a positive memory on a date marked with tragedy, created and joined a new family and honored the men and women that protect our great country.

“September 11th has had a lasting impact on all of our lives. Michael and some of his friends in attendance spent multiple years at war as a result of that day. Yet, we (Michael and Meredith) chose to marry on this day to also remember it as a day of celebration in the future”. – Meredith+Michael.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your Hildene VT wedding video.

Venue: Hildene Manchester VT
Photography: Jasmine Tara Photography
DJ: Top Hat Entertainment
Coordinator: Nicole Brock
Hair/Makeup: Danielle Scanlon
Dress: Dream Bridal Boutique, Collette dress by Anne Barge
Suit: Designer J.Hilburn

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