We’ve been out to Nantucket for several weddings, and all around Massachusetts this year, but it wasn’t until Lauren+Andrew’s wedding, did we get to spend some time on Cape Cod. And when I first approached with this wedding video, they told me it was just going to be a backyard wedding overlooking the ocean. Perfect, I thought.

When we arrived, it was clear that this wasn’t some “backyard” wedding. Navigating down the narrow roadways that followed the cape houses dotting the shoreline, we pulled up to see not only a beautiful Cape Cod house, but a tent that Barnum and Bailey would envy. Holly Safford of A Catered Affair and her team I think blew everyone away. And walking inside that tent only confirmed that this was going to be one magnificent “backyard” Cape Cod wedding video.

Congratulations Lauren+Andrew. Thank you for allowing us to capture and be your Cape Cod wedding videographer.

Thanks to Mel Barlow of Mel & Co. for working alongside our team so well.

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