“I’ve been waiting for this moment for 16 months… Your photos & video trailer are far and way beyond my vision from when we did hours and hours of research when we found you months ago. You and your crew are amazing people, and it’s ridiculous how your photos & videos capture every moment from the most unique angles. I’m a man of many words, and expressions, but all my wife and I can do was set the video on replay, and drown in our tears of joy until 2:00 am last night. Thank you dearly for all of your amazing efforts, and best friend-like services.”

- Agata+Mark

“I really love all of the decisions we made — from where we had the wedding, to the day we picked, to who did my hair to everything we decided upon. But, the best decision of all, and I really, really mean this, was deciding to go with Clark+Walker to shoot our video.”

- Erika+Mike

Just wanted to let you know my phone has been ringing off the hook, hundreds of text messages coming to Max and I telling us how unbelievable our wedding video feature is. It perfectly captures the feeling of our special day in 3 minutes. It is absolute PERFECTION!!!! We can’t thank you enough.
Be right back, gotta go watch it for the 300th time…. Wish I was kidding!! Thanks again, the video and photographs have been better than we ever could have dreamed!!!!

- Rebecca+Max

“Alisha’s style of documenting weddings is exactly what we were looking for: creative enough to have our family and friends tell us our photos looked like they came straight out of a magazine, without letting that overpower the story-telling aspect of our day. She captured the emotion of the day so well that we still look at our pictures with big smiles like we’re reliving it all over again!”

- Laney+Steve

“I feel, as I’m sure most brides do, that I had the most beautiful wedding day I could have ever hoped for; but I swear, somehow, this supremely talented team made it look even better than it actually was! The team at C+W captures it all. But even more important than what they photograph+film, is how they really listen to you, and get to know you, and then take all of that personal time and information and create something that is truly unique to you as a couple. I couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision to hire the C+W team. They are professionals, artists, friends, and we feel very lucky to have worked with them.”

- Erin+Andrew

“When the time came to choose a wedding photographer – we didn’t really have a discussion about it. The photos we saw from other Clark+Walker weddings sold us. Not only that, but during the planning Alisha was such a great help with other wedding related questions about venues, etc. She was obviously someone with a ton of wedding experience and was willing to share even when it was out of the photography category. I can’t tell you how many people comment on our photos and what a wonderful job Alisha did.”

- Kim+Kevin

“I was blown away by your work when I first saw it and thought to myself, if I could have one photo that comes close to the quality of these I’ll be ecstatic. Turns out I got 1,200 that all looked that way! Not much else I can say but WOW GORGEOUS UNBELIEVABLE is an understatement.”

- Megan+Niall

“Choosing Luke to photograph our wedding was without a doubt one of the best decisions we made throughout the entire planning process. He is obviously very talented, but what’s more is that he has a great personality to match his work. Having our pictures taken by Luke ended up being one of our favorite memories from our wedding day because he made it so fun, relaxing and personal. He just possesses this amazingly positive energy that is contagious, and it shows through in all his pictures. We are so lucky to have such perfect and gorgeous mementos from our day!”

- Laura+AJ

“Using Clark+Walker Studio for my wedding photography was the best decision I’ve ever made (aside from marrying my husband). The pictures and album are absolutely incredible and better than anything I could’ve imagined. Anyone that takes a minute to look at my wedding album is brought to tears by being able to see and feel the real emotions that were occurring the day of my wedding. I highly recommend this team to anyone that will listen.”

- Courtney+John

“Working with Clark+Walker was the best decision I made while planning our dream wedding. From the very first conversation we had, Luke felt like a supportive and honest friend who I could count on throughout this process. I instantly knew I wanted to work with him! The pictures I have are fabulous, totally “us” and I could not have had such a calm, wonderful day without him. I know my mom and my husband share my sentiments because they can’t stop raving about him either!”

- Lisa+Kevin

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We just watched our video. We are speechless. You had us laughing, crying, smiling and reminiscing. We are completely blown away by how incredible this video is. You are so talented and we are so lucky to have had you there to capture our wedding! Wow, wow, wow. Thank you oh so very much! This is something we will cherish forever!”

- Rochelle+Michael