Belinda+George’s Saratoga Engagement Shoot

Check out the newest Clark+Walker couple, Belinda+George. Their Saratoga Springs engagement shoot was absolutely fantastic, I mean come on, look at these two! We had a blast at the gorgeous Yaddo Gardens, getting some fun cozy shots, and then bringing in their dog to mix things up (a little tough looking right?!?!, but nope, just a big softie!) I am really looking forward to shooting this couples wedding; you know when the engagement session rocks that the wedding is going to be absolutely insane! Congrats guys!

Rockin’ the camera for sure!

Shot on the right – taken in front of Cole Muffler, yup, sure was! I know Belinda+George thought I was nuts but these prime blossoms were gorgeous

How cute are these two, seriously?

Loving that the dog stood guard for these!

Gotta love a little playful balloon action!

Seriously, does it get any better than this? Bang!

Thank you both for an awesome shoot and I can’t wait to see you soon at The Sagamore!


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