You’ve already seen the incredible Whiteface Lodge wedding video with these 2 grooms, now it’s time to feature their wedding photos! From the moment they told us about some of the wedding photo spots they wanted to go, we knew this had potential to be one of our favorite weddings of the summer. Fortunately we had incredible weather, a killer team, and 2 of the best grooms who were up for knocking these photos out of the park with us. Josh summed it up best in the video feature when he said: “One minute we were on the top of Whiteface Mountain and the next we were in a field with a gorgeous view of the Adirondack High Peaks. Here is where Steve+Mike read the most touching letters to each other. We didn’t think it could get much better, but then it did, because after exchanging letters the couple took a boat ride to soak in all that Lake Placid has to offer. The mountains, fields, and Lake Placid quickly became just a backdrop for the reason we were all there: Steve+Mike’s truly remarkable love story.” Enjoy the photos!

They helped each other get ready during the morning
Moments like these right off the bat tell you all you need to know about how much these 2 mean to each other

Once getting ready was over we headed out toward the top of Whiteface mountain!!
Look at that view….
No seriously, look at THAT VIEW
Even that killer view can’t out-shine these 2 though, their love was just incredible to be around
Even the wedding party was a bunch of troopers
Some of our favorite Lake Placid wedding photos of the day
We thought this was the perfect spot for them to read each other their letters

It wouldn’t be a Whiteface Lodge wedding without a waterfront wedding ceremony
How cool is it to see that huge mountain in the backdrop of the ceremony, and know we were at the top of that earlier in the day capturing wedding photos??

Congratulations you two!

A little celebratory boat-ride
The room and details at their Whiteface Lodge wedding were on point of course



Thank you both so much for allowing us to be a part of your Whiteface Lodge wedding photos!
Suits: Brooke’s Brothers
Groomsmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Hair/makeup: Whiteface Lodge
Flowers: Scott’s florist
Cake: chocolate, coffee, banana by Whiteface Lodge
Food purveyors: Whiteface Lodge
Entertainment: Whiteface Lodge
Wedding coordinator: Nicole Zaluski, Whiteface Lodge
Wedding colors: navy, sliver, gold
Theme: rustic, adirondack
Photography: Clark+Walker Studio

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