On tap on the blog this evening we have Christine+Reed’s gorgeous Lake Placid Lodge wedding photos! I was really excited coming into this wedding – it was the start of “busy season” for me personally, I love Lake Placid Lodge weddings, and I also had friends like Christine Wheat and Renaissance Floral already involved with the wedding. I’m happy to say the day lived up to my already high expectations coming in. We had to battle some rain here and there throughout the day, but these 2 were troopers about it and we have the great images to prove it.

One thing I love with Lake Placid Lodge weddings if you never have to go far for your detail shots. Every nook and cranny you can find is well done.
Having flowers from David and his team at Renaissance always helps start the day off right too!
This image capture on the left is one that I’m always on the lookout for when I first arrive. The 2 mothers in the photo are admiring Christine’s veil together, and it’s a cool moment. I know neither of them are dressed yet, or are “ready,” but I still love looking for moments like these.
Another gorgeous C+W bride! It never gets old :)
Obviously the bridesmaids agree with me! What a great reaction as they see Christine for the first time
Meanwhile Lindsay was killing it with Reed and the guys.

A cool little “in-between” moment with the guys, and the view, as we head to the first look
They both mentioned how much they wanted the view in the photos before the rain moved it – seems like mission accomplished.

We had to go down to the dock to take advantage of the view for these Lake Placid Lodge wedding photos
Meanwhile we had to put together one of our classic bridal party poses
The rain, unfortunately, did move in right before the ceremony. Luckily we had this clear tent to keep the beauty in view, while also staying comfortably dry.


The chandeliers were the perfect touch for the wedding ceremony
The rain stopped (well… kinda) right as it was getting dark, so out we went in the boat!!
This image of the 2 of them in the boat was teased on our Facebook page and our Instagram page, make sure you check there for our first teases from the weddings we shoot!
The wedding reception tent at the Lake Placid Lodge looked gorgeous – it kept the view that everyone loves, while also keeping us shielded from crazy rain showers
They have a very cool family tradition of having Reed’s cousin Bryan sing the first dance song, which was a very cool personal touch.
Thank you for looking at our Lake Placid Lodge wedding photos! The busy season has officially started so we look forward to featuring all sorts of gorgeous affairs every week.

Ceremony+Reception: Lake Placid Lodge Weddings
Dress: Allure
Hair/makeup: Changes Salon
Bridesmaid dresses: Donna Morgan
Flowers: Renaissance Floral Design
Cake: Lake Placid Lodge and Cake Placid
Catering: Lake Placid Lodge
Entertainment: Murali Coryell
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Christine Wheat
Lake Placid Lodge Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio

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