Thank you so much for choosing to work with the team here at Clark+Walker Studio! We’re really looking forward to working with you and helping to make your day incredible. Since weddings are our thing, we also wanted to share some important details with you that we’ve found to be really helpful to couples as they plan out their wedding day.

* Getting Ready: Just like with real estate it’s location, location, location
Having an awesome room with a lot of natural light, windows, and some great furniture and decor really sets the tone for the entire day and MANY of your photos will take place in this location (hair/make-up, details, the dress shot, candids of you and your bridesmaids, putting your dress and jewelry on, etc). Check out some of the photos below, you’ll see just what we mean.

* Morning Details: All in one spot
We recommend having all of your details in the bride’s room when we arrive. This includes the dress, shoes, rings, bouquets, and anything else you’d like photographed. This helps us to make sure we get everything you want covered.

* Prime Portrait Time: An hour before the listed sunset time
This is a big one, and one that’s very important to the picture taking process. It’s not so much how much time you give us for photos, but really when the time is. We’d rather have 30 minutes around sunset for your portraits, than 90 minutes in the mid afternoon. The absolute prime time to start shooting bride and groom portraits is usually that hour before sunset; it’s the time of day when you’ll find that gorgeous butta light that everyone is after. Keep us in the loop on this and we’re happy to give you recommendations.
Check out your sunset time HERE – just enter your wedding location and then your wedding date and you’ll know just what you’re working with. Just keep in mind it’s listing you a time when the sun will actually be “set” aka gone. So for a 8:00 sunset in June the perfect time to shoot with be in that 7pm range (if possible, or as close to it).

Even on an overcast day the light later in the day is gorgeous

* First Look: Something to consider if you are planning a winter wedding or late ceremony.

Having a first look is something we believe to be completely a personal choice. If you want our input we’re happy to help talk it out with you, but we also want it to be your final choice for sure. With that said, for people having a winter wedding or a very late ceremony there are big time advantages to a first look. Winter in the Northeast is often times overcast, grey, and gets dark incredibly early. Unless you are having a noon-ish ceremony a first look can help get you daylight photos. Similar concept with an evening ceremony. Just things to think about, or talk to us about if you’re in this situation.

– First Look w/Dad: can be a nice touch if you’re close with your father
If you like the idea or look of a “first look” but don’t want to see your future spouse before the ceremony – you can always do a first look with your father. Having it set up to be photographed gives a great opportunity for you both to take in your wedding day

– The Timeline: Let us see it as early as possible
The layout of the day is a big deal, so please keep us in the loop as it comes together and feel free to hit us up for recommendations! If you have a planner we’ll work with him/her as well, since there are some key times for photos/video, so we want to be sure to help you work those in well in advance. Generally we arrive around 90 minutes before the first “event” (first look, ceremony, etc), we try and work portrait time around sunset with you if possible, and to make sure you have enough time in the package. We’re happy to give feedback on this as early as possible because it’s so hard to alter later.

– Family Formals: Make a shot list for family
We’ve found that putting this list together ahead of time is VERY helpful in keeping formal shots moving along quickly and in helping remember all of the shots that you wanted, which can get tricky when you’re put on the spot on your wedding day! We’ve put together a small sample to give you an idea how most people list them (include as many as you want, we kept it short just as an example). Keep in mind we only need a shot list for your family, the rest of the wedding we’ve got covered.
Family Shot List:
-bride/groom, brides parents and sisters
-bride/groom, brides grandparents
-bride/groom, all nieces and nephews
-bride and her parents
-bride and her bridesmaids
-groom and his parents and brothers
-groom and his brothers
-groom, groomsmen
(you get the idea!)

– Finished Product Expectations
PHOTO: You will receive your final, edited, photo proofs in an online gallery with direct download 4-6 weeks after your wedding. We have a production team that works on editing your images, and making sure they all look great, which does take a little time (it’s worth it!). We always strive for the 4 week mark but production times can vary a bit during the height of wedding season, as you can imagine!
VIDEO: You will receive your short-form feature video 5-6 months after your wedding. With the majority of our year being so seasonal we build up quite the queue in the summer and fall months, then we have to work our way through them in the winter. We’re always happy to give you updates throughout the process, but at least this gives you an estimated time-frame from the start.

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