I hope everyone is ready for baseball! My St Louis Cardinals open up the season this weekend (Sunday night against the Cubbies) so this seems like the perfect time to share this incredible “A League of Their Own” themed photo shoot! Alisha and Lindsay from Clark+Walker Portraits teamed up with Tara from Tiane Novati to knock this photo shoot out of the park. The cute kids below belong to all 3 ladies! Lindsay had the idea while discussing Halloween costumes and it lead to one of our favorite shoots (our kids are in it, can you blame us?!)

This first image on the left you may recognize if you’ve been to the C+W offices. Aurora can’t help but be cute! And Talon on the right… well Tom Hanks has nothing on him :)
Tara did an incredible job making the uniforms!!!
The girls all had a blast on the field together
The image on the left, of Aurora+Gaia, is one of our favorites. It’s the C+W version of Kit+Dottie!


The kids were phenomenal… and I’m not sure if they had more fun playing, or whether it was the parents ;)

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