This is a BIG wedding, but it’s the little things that make it unique and memorable. Like the elaborate ruse the groom and his groomsmen played on one of their own. They all signed a pact to let their fellow groomsmen Mark win in their FIFA video game tournament because he has never won before. Something we learned a few years ago when we filmed Mark’s wedding in Lake George. It’s a long-running competition.

Marks reaction to winning the tournament is priceless as is the groomsmen when they let him in on their scheme. All in good fun. You’ll get them for real one of these days Mark.

There is a lot we love in this trailer as well as some firsts, like taking a water taxi from the ceremony to the reception at Liberty Warehouse. That was a lot of fun. Thank you, Magda and Lukasz for having us be a part of your Liberty Warehouse NYC wedding video.

Venue: The Liberty Warehouse
Photo: Christian Oth Studio (Philp Anema)
Band: 3AM Tokyo

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