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Getting truly exceptional shots, the ones which look torn from a picture book, doesn’t just require skill; it takes a deep understanding and familiarity with the area. With our head office less than an hour from Lenox, Clark+Walker Studio definitely feel that connection to the area. We’ve been providing wedding photography around Lenox for years, and we have a deep understanding of the region’s most popular wedding venues. Our team of friendly and professional photographers will collaborate with you on your wedding plans to find moments we can steal away for a great portrait or set your backs against the last rays of sunlight. We can capture the feeling of your ceremony, carefully capturing the emotional atmosphere and themes of the presentation. Already considered world leaders in wedding photography, C+W are at their best at home, in Lenox MA.

Make yourself comfortable with venues aplenty across the area

Lenox is often said to be a sort of wedding capital, bustling with elegant country clubs, historic manors and other great sites crying out to host your ceremony or reception. Many of these facilities have decades of experience providing catering and aid to couples and their guests, with plentiful good reviews across major marriage organising services. C+W certainly rate them highly for wedding photography – you are guaranteed to walk away from a Lenox wedding with some picturesque shots thanks to the lavish greenery, graceful settings and historic interiors that the town can offer.

Hire an expert wedding videographer and invest in your memories

Clark+Walker Studio have been lucky enough to film at many of the world’s most desirable wedding spots. Our impressive track record of satisfied clients and our gallery of jaw-dropping shots have secured our growth as a company and seen us invited by bridal fashion shows and magazines to cover their events. Our team of experienced professional photographers have nationwide business relationships, including many of the most popular marriage venues and vendors, allowing them to cooperate productively with whoever else you hire for your event. If you’re just setting out your plans for the ceremony, we can even suggest some names ourselves. Our knack for finding the perfect shot is thanks to diligent preparation, scouting each location beforehand, and our keen eye for the sort of setting which creates lasting memories.

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C+W are in consistent demand year-round so, to guarantee our services will be available for your event, we recommend you use the contact form on our website. Look into other favourite wedding locations, such as the Inns of Aurora or peaceful Albany. Any other inquiries can be resolved by calling our offices on 866 559 6437 or email