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The Inns of Aurora are a second home to our studio. It’s a location we first started shooting at in 2006, fell in love with, and have had many studio affairs at since. It’s the venue we’ve captured the most weddings at in our careers, it’s where owners Alisha+Luke were personally married, and it’s where the youngest daughter in the studio, Aurora, is named after. The staff at the Inns are all personal friends of ours, and we’ve stayed at every Inn (and know most of the room numbers by heart). We’ve seen weddings at all the properties, in all different ways, and we know what parts of the properties give the best light at certain parts of the day. We cannot express how much we love shooting here and feel it shows in our work when we do.


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The Inns of Aurora are such incredible venues, encapsulating in themselves and their magnificent surrounds the characteristics many couples desire from their wedding. Peace, beauty, tranquillity, homeliness, and care all radiate from these historic buildings and the good people who keep them operating, and what better to surround yourself with on your special day. Clark+Walker Studio has filmed countless weddings at the Inns over the past decade, and we cannot overstate the impact such a marvellous backdrop can have on the feel of a ceremony and the wedding photographer’s art. We love this place so much that the youngest daughter at the studio – Aurora – is named after it.

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One of the reasons C+W have never tired of working the Inns of Aurora is their incredible versatility. Gardens, the shore, the lake itself, a historic inn, terraces, the rustic village, pastures, the mansion, the wide horizon – so many unique and evocative views packed so close together afford a wedding photographer album after album of dynamic shots. The various venues around the lake are all under the same management, and our strong connections can help you organise your event around whichever one you choose. You can even take advantage of multiple venues for the same celebration; perhaps staying at the historic inn before a lakeside ceremony, a private photoshoot in the village and then reception at the mansion. We’ve seen many different plans and they all work out; such is the magic of the Inns.

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We see the beauty inherent to every wedding, and it’s our mission to bring it out for all to see. C+W are dedicated to our craft, producing scenic and emotionally charged shots of every event we attend. After you first engage our services, our experienced, friendly staff will make contact with you and start planning the filming of your ceremony with any wedding plans you already have in mind. Professional and committed to our work, we can help choose the precise location for your wedding pictures and survey it days beforehand to determine the best photo opportunities. This is only the start when it comes to the industry’s most complete photography + videography package; when you call up C+W, you get the greatest photos around.

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If you think that Clark + Walker Studio are the right choice to film your ceremony, whether it’s at the Inns or in another country idyll like Vermont. You can request our services using the contact form on our website.

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