Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of being part of an absolutely uplifting afternoon. David contacted me a while back about photographing his proposal to his then girlfriend Margaret, and I was instantly excited to be on board. We had touched base several times leading up to yesterday, as David had a great plan and vision for this day. I’m excited to say it went off absolutely perfect. David is a musician himself, so we could both very much relate to making plans… and then going with the flow and improvising as we started to get to crunch time. With 100 flowers creating a path to the dock, chalk board message, and the perfect song on repeat when Margaret arrived the scene was set…

Margaret knew pretty quickly what was happening

When she came around the corner and saw David on the dock…. it was time for “the shot.” This was so incredible! And seriously, I have to give David HUGE props because he actually walked Margaret to the end of the dock, in the right spot (calmly no less). This is so much harder than you think. No matter how hard we try when doing a first look at a wedding the couple always totally goes wherever they go because they’re caught up in the moment (which is of course totally fine). However David was cool as a cucumber!

The best part was Margaret was already telling him yes, yes, YES! before David even asked…. love it!

I was also secretly wondering if she had an idea – but that was answered when she told him “I’ve never been so surprised in my life!” Haha David you’re my hero

As any awesome couple would do – next came a high 5 and to admire the bling

The path of flowers for these proposal photos looked incredible

Look at David’s excitement in this shot – it’s contagious!

Afterward we went back to the house to share the story with all their friends+family who were in on it the entire time

Thank you both so much, sincerely, for allowing me to be a part of your proposal photo session. Congratulations on your engagement!

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