We’re incredibly excited to share this beautiful engagement session this afternoon! Not only are we in love with the photos, but Ally has taken the time to narrate the feature in her own words below :)

When Jon and I discussed engagement photos the location was a no-brainer… New York City. Just like picking the location for our engagement shoot, when thinking of where to get married, it was also no-brainer… back to where it all began; Syracuse University.

Since our wedding photos will feature a summer landscape across a campus filled with lots of greenery, Jon pushed for a winter engagement shoot. I have to admit – it took some convincing – but as soon as I was on board, I was obsessed with the idea. Most couples obviously opt for the sunny skies and predictability of spring weather, but there was something that really drew me to the cozy and romantic vibes that come with a snowy and chilly environment.

We had a pretty mild winter so it really felt like we were going to have to “settle” with spring photos. We feel incredibly lucky that Katie was so flexible with our shoot date and we were able to quickly decide as a team, just hours before, that “today was the day”.

When it came to picking out the actual locations in NYC, we knew we wanted to start in Central Park. We’re lucky to call home three blocks from the park, so shooting in our “backyard” felt right.

Capturing some of the most iconic places within the park like The Mall and Bow Bridge were perfect places to start. We also wanted to just walk around – one of Jon’s favorite activities is to explore Central Park. I didn’t want these photos to feel unnatural, so using my gloves and the blanket were a great way to incorporate the feel of a traditional engagement shoot. We also opened a bottle of champagne we received as a gift when we got engaged, so that was special and memorable for us.

In addition to the park, we wanted to include another location into the mix, so when I started thinking about it, the Top of the Rock immediately came to mind. As soon as I mentally painted the visual of New York’s concrete jungle as a backdrop for our photos, I was sold.

I knew that the photos we captured at the Top of the Rock would feel more like art than engagement photos, which is something we both really wanted. When these images become staples to the decor in our home, we wanted to make sure we had some shots that were focused on the landscape featuring us, verse the other way around. Katie absolutely nailed that.

For us, Central Park and The Top of the Rock were a perfect blend of magical and iconic New York City. The talent of C+W is unmatched – everything Katie captured blew us away. The mix of planned and more journalistic/candid shots could not be any more on point.

Jon and I had so much fun. Going into the shoot, I don’t think I could have ever predicted we would reflect back on it and feel this way, but we truly think of all the memories wedding related, some of our most favorite ones will be from the day we took our engagement photos. Between my Greek family and Jon’s healthy rolodex of “best friends”, our wedding in August will be pretty large; the engagement shoot was particularly special because it was truly just us. I don’t think it hurts to have such an amazing photographer either. I’m so happy it was something we did. And just for the record – Jon, you were totally right about a winter engagement shoot!

Thank you for checking out this gorgeous shoot, and an extra big shout-out to Ally+Jon for being rockstars!

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