When I was down at Bridal Market shooting for theknot.com recently, I had the chance to meet up with Stephanie+Randy for some kick ass engagement images! These 2 had some great plans for the shoot and I’m really excited with the images. We also have a follow up blog entry with more awesomeness, but for now you’ll have to check out these images below….

A couple of my favs, just these 2 having some fun

Check out this bike repair shop we stopped by

Talk about the butta light!

Wow! Smokin! Had to use this as the C+W Facebook teaser

Afterward we had to hit up a drink at the Brandy Library in NYC (only in NY right?)

Thanks so much you two!


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!! What an amazing job and an amazing couple!

  2. They are amazing! Thank you so much Luke!!!

  3. Amazing photos! Absolutely beautiful photography! Their personalities really shine through.

  4. NY loves them! Fab Photos…

  5. amazing pictures of an amazing couple!

  6. My sister and future brother in law are flawless… what can I say…

  7. love randy and steph’s pictures… great job!!!

  8. Michael M. Wiseman

    This is scary….Either they are too good looking or C+W are amazin… and we know that cameras don’t lie!

  9. Veronica Wiseman

    Wow Stephanie and Randy these photos are truly special…..what a beautiful way to capture this year in your lives! xoxo

  10. beautiful photos thanks for sending really enjoyed them so did dick

  11. I Love them!!! What a good looking couple! And beautiful photography. Just perfect :-)

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