I’m really excited to share Amy+Nico’s gorgeous engagement session we captured last weekend! Amy+Nico are friends of ours, when Nico isn’t posing for our camera he’s always our lawyer and part time golf partner. Amy joined us at the track last season (which was a blast), but she’s also an extremely talented make up artist. If any of my brides are looking for hair and make up for their wedding email Amy at luxebeautybarinc@gmail.com – you’ll be glad you did.

Needless to say when we started to put our heads together for this engagement shoot we knew we had to come up with something unique. Amy has great taste, so I was really excited to see what she could come up with (Nico would agree, and so would Amy’s 12k instagram followers). Nico is a fly fishing enthusiast so these 2 came to me with the idea of shooting in a cute, country spot where Nico fishes, that showed their love but with also chic and fun. I walked away from this shoot in love with the images, and teased more on our instagram (hint hint) than any other shoot I’ve done in a while. So with that back story, please enjoy the photos!
We started off the session in some already buttery light, while giving the boot to some youngins drinking beer by the river
Nico picked a spot with a classic covered bridge – we of course had to take advantage
These 2 were both stars of the show, they were great in front of the camera
Amy is going to be our 2015 all star though, we can photograph her all day
We finished up with this gorgeous spot, and I love these captures as we’re leaving (and yes they really are this cute in real life)
After we finished up with those land portraits it was time to hop in the water! Luckily I love these 2 because I actually had to take off my shorts to get in this river for some of the shots
These shots are just classic. It’s them doing what they love, and also a gorgeous summer setting with the rope swing
After we finished with the covered bridge, the rope swing, the fly fishing… it was time to get something a little nicer on and get in that butta light with the VT mountains in the background
Did I mention butta light? Yes I did, and yes we had it.


Thanks for checking out our engagement session, and just wait until you see the wedding!!

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