Engagement shoot with Courtney+Todd

Ready for a lot of engagement photo ideas? As Courtney+Todd’s wedding inched closer we knew we had to set up a date for their engagement shoot. Once we bounced some engagement photo ideas off each other Courtney mentioned that they loved the idea of using a vintage tractor for the shoot since Todd’s family has a SICK farming business (I took the tour by the way). Not only was it a really fun prop and engagement photo idea, it also brought their personalities and lives into the shoot. Before we hit up the tractor though we started the shoot off at Anyela’s Vineyard in Skaneateles. As some of you know Skaneateles is extremely special to me so I was excited to see this newer place, and once I pulled in I knew I found a new favorite spot. Between these 2 awesome locations I went a little crazy on this shoot….

The light outside wasn’t quite perfect yet since we were both pretty early, so we decided to hit up the barrel room for some fun
Once the light started to get a little lower on the horizon we set out to have some fun. Now I have to say that every couple needs a different amount of suggestion or instruction, but I don’t think I gave more than 2 pose ideas the entire shoot. Seriously. These 2 were AWESOME together
We get a lot of couples that are easy on the eyes to say the least
A liiiiiiiiiitle bit more in this awesome light before we left the vineyard
How cute are these two? One of the most natural couples I’ve ever photographed
After that it was time to head to this old tractor that Todd was able to coordinate for the shoot. This is the teaser on our facebook account (hint, hint)
It doesn’t get much better than this
These 2 were up for anything
As soon as the sunset hit the horizon we knew we were getting that last bit of awesome light
The “twilight” effect right afterward can be very pleasing too, and this field is to die for
Courtney’s boots were a huge hit!
Even though I didn’t want to mess up any of Todd’s corn, we still had to grab a good session ender
Thank you so much for an awesome evening together, and also for the fun little tour before I took off. Can’t wait for your wedding!!


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