2011 Wedding of the Year

The 2011 Wedding of the year contest winner is….. Lindsay+Eric!! Their beautiful Florida wedding was a highlight for all of us at the studio – and their wedding trailer is even on the website portfolio.

Here is the official TOP 5:

1. Lindsay+Eric
2. Betsy+Mike
3. Ashley+Eric
4. Tiffany+Scott
5. Courtney+Don

This was BY FAR our largest and most popular contest to date, and I can tell after viewing our traffic that this year’s contest was absolutely bananas.

Also, I know we promised the prize would be two 16×24 canvases to the winner (Lindsay+Eric)… but because voting was sooo tight we’re also going to give Betsy+Mike a 16×24 canvas print as well as a consolation prize. We hold the contest with the goal if it being fun, free gifts around the holidays, and to celebrate and look back on an incredible year. We hope the voting will be like that if we do this contest again in the future, and we didn’t want someone to get so close to winning and feel totally empty-handed.

Thank you to everyone for participating, for sending our blog to your friends, and especially for an incredible 2011. We celebrated our office Christmas on Friday with gifts, a great time at the office, then over dinner+drinks to end the night. We all agreed how lucky we are to be doing what we love, to follow our passion, and to have such amazing couples that allow us to have this job. Sincerely.


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