Morgan+Richard’s Stonover Farm Wedding Video

We’ve been to the Stonover farm once before and came away with one of our most popular wedding trailers of that year, and now we are back to film Richard+Morgan’s Stonover farm wedding video. We’re hoping this beautiful couple, and video, is most of the most popular for this year! The photo team already set the bar high for us with THIS great wedding feature from these two.

First, let me say just how thrilled we were to be a part of this special day. Both Richard+Morgan were super comfortable and easy going, which fit the rustic backdrop of the Stonover Farm perfectly. It was hard to catch them not joking, laughing or smiling at each other through out the day, and that was just fine with us. In fact, we LOVE it! We really were able to catch some special moments between them and their families, and that is all over this Stonover farm wedding video.

We can’t thank you enough for making us a part of your Stonover farm wedding video.
Ceremony Site: Stonover Farm, Lenox, MA
Dress: Liancarlo
Accessories: Jewelry–my great grandmothers diamond bracelet, Mom’s watch, earrings and moonstone bracelet from Jewelz in Lenox, MA
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair/makeup: Jeanne Riley-Ortega
Bridesmaid dresses: All the girls got to pick their own! Girls chose Diane von Furstenburg, Sue Wong, amongst others
Flowers: Crocus Hale Flowers
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes – Special mention to Sue Gilbert who owns the franchise down there and figured out a way to ship not only our tiered cakes, but 300+ bundtinis!
Catering: Savory Harvest Catering
Acoustic Trio: Keros Entertainement
DJ: DJ Gatsby
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: The Bride’s Mother!
Stonover Farm Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio


Celia+Adam l Cipriani Wedding Video w/ Colin Cowie

I KNOW you all remember this couple, C+W celebrities! The photo blog was off the hook, epic even, click HERE to re-live it. As you can imagine the cinema team had major pressure to up the ante. We’re extremely proud to unveil Celia+Adam’s Cipriani wedding video. C+W and Colin Cowie Celebrations teamed up with some absolutely incredible people and the results are beautiful:

Thank you to all who were involved in creating such an incredible NYC wedding video. A special thank you to both families for allowing us to share in your wedding.

Venue: Cipriani Weddings
Planner/Designer: Colin Cowie Celebrations
Cipriani Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio


Tia pregnancy photos West Point

Earlier in the week, I drove down to see some of my FAVORITE clients, Tia+Berando for Tia’s pregnancy photos.
You might remember their wedding in Winter Park, Fla. Bernado got re-located to West Point for his work, so I was thrilled they moved so close to us!

Literally the moment we got out of the car to take photos it started to pour. It only lasted a few minutes though, cooled the air about 20 degrees so I’ll take it!



Sometimes the light is best right after the storm. Look how soft and dreamy..




Lots of cool little places to shoot in Westpoint!



Congrats on your baby boy. I can’t wait to meet him!


Hall of Springs Wedding Photos l Kelly+Dean

We are extremely excited to share this beautiful set of Hall of Springs wedding photos this morning! As many of our supporters know it’s been a year of crazy weddings, and travel all over the globe, for C+W. For Kelly+Dean’s Hall of Springs wedding we were very excited to be almost in our own backyard and shooting on what was literally the perfect summer day. Little did I know how fun this crowd would be though! From the time I arrived with the girls at getting ready it was a day of massive smiles, good music, excitement, and a contagious energy that made this wedding a personal favorite of mine. Please enjoy these beautiful Hall of Springs wedding photos below:

The morning started off right with a suite at the new Pavilion Grand Hotel in Saratoga…. and I LOVED it. The upstairs portion of this room was absolutely perfect for getting ready wedding photos. Beautiful light the entire time – and as Kelly’s father pointed out, beautiful people the entire time too! :)
Kelly kept the C+W knockout bride streak alive and well, looking absolutely stunning
Just absolutely beautiful
Since I essentially felt like the 9th bridesmaid during the morning I had to watch their awesome reactions as Kelly got her dress on
Now you can see why
We usually just capture all Hall of Springs wedding photos on property, but Kelly was awesome enough to agree to allow us a 2nd location
yaddo garden wedding
Which do you like better? The “finished” shot on the left, or the in-between pose on the right?
yaddo saratoga springs
Meanwhile Katie was over with Dean and the guys getting ready
That’s one proud momma right there!
I love this spot with the guys at Yaddo Garden
We then set up a first look between Kelly+Dean
Time for some portraits!!

saratoga springs ny wedding photo
We did have to finally go to the Hall of Springs for the wedding ceremony (sigh, I guess)
hall of springs wedding ceremony
When I said perfect day I wasn’t wrong!
I love that I was able to catch this moment of Kelly sneaking a peak of her ring that was just put on for the first time
This is how we do a Hall of Springs bridal party wedding photo
saratoga springs wedding photographers hall of springs bridal party
Oh it’s sunset?? Yea better go take advantage of some of that butta light!
Beautiful Hall of Springs wedding photos
hall of springs courtyard wedding portrait
The room at the Hall of Springs looked fantastic of course
hall of springs wedding photos

Juuuuust when you think this wedding couldn’t have been any more cool, BAM a cigar bar
hall of springs cigar bar
Thank you both for such an awesome day, it was a highlight of the summer for us, and also for allowing us to share your Hall of Springs wedding photos

Dress: Augusta Jones from Lily Saratoga
Hair/makeup: Molly Tremante & Doria Tremante
Bridesmaid dresses: Aqua by Bloomingdales
Florist: Fleurtacious
Groomsmen’s Suits: Express
Cake: Mazzone Hospitality
Band: NY Players
Catering: Hall of Springs wedding


Tiffany+Kevin’s Pearl River Wedding Video

We had such great success last time we shot a Pearl River wedding video that we were thrilled when Tiffany+Kevin booked us to film their wedding day at the Pearl River Hilton.

The day started with Tiffany surprising Kevin with a wedding gift that was in my opinion, one of the best I’ve seen; a Kona wood Taylor acoustic guitar. Yeah it was amazing, and I think it took Kevin completely by surprise. As a guitar player myself I will admit I was super jealous. But what I think was equally as cool was Kevin had already planned on singing a song he wrote for his new wife at the reception, and now he had the perfect instrument to play that song on. I love when things come together like that, and if you stick around long enough, you might be able to hear some of that song.

I’ve said it a hundred times, “we have the most amazing couples” and that couldn’t be more true than Tiffany+Kevin. We really want to thank you for making us part of your Pearl River wedding video.

Venue: Pearl River Hilton
Photography: Kate Ignatowski
Band: Silver Arrow Band
Flowers: Montvale Florist
Quartet: Innocenti Strings