Hannah+Joe l Bennington Vermont Wedding Photos

Served fresh on the blog this afternoon are Hannah+Joe’s Bennington, Vermont wedding photos! This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite weddings of the summer. I traveled to Hannah’s parent’s property in Bennington, VT last fall to get a feel for where everything would take place. I knew quickly this was going to be a highlight of my summer. It turned out even better than I had hoped, and I don’t say that lightly. Below you will find a Q+A with Hannah, then onto the photos!

What are your wedding colors and/or themes? We wanted the palette to be summery and romantic so we used a variety of blush pinks, peaches, whites, some yellow, and greenery! We also wanted the setting to speak for itself and tried to adorn it only in ways that enhanced it.

What is your inspiration when planning your wedding? Again, we had this really romantic vision for everything. We wanted it to feel like a Vermont home wedding–soft, summery, and simple in a way that was still very thoughtful. So much care went into each detail, and we think that showed. On a separate note, we wanted to have a really FUN wedding. Joe and I both love to dance and we knew we wanted the dancing to be interspersed throughout the beginning of the evening and then to have a lot of time left for a big party after dinner. So we planned it so that after our first and parent dances, we went straight into inviting everyone up to the dance floor before salad was even served! Then we danced again before the entree, and for the rest of the night afterward. Joe and I were dancing almost the whole time!

Did you incorporate any fun themes/motifs or design elements? For our invitation, my father did a drawing of an apple tree. That’s a motif we used in our welcome bags and on our ceremony programs. I painted and drew all of the table numbers, created the escort card frame, wrote/drew all of the signs we used on the property, and also did the place cards that were at the three head tables.

Did you include any special traditions, old or new? Joe and I created our whole ceremony. We wrote most of what our officiant read. We felt it was important to write our own vows as well, and we think that was by far the most meaningful part of the ceremony. We also selected several readings–one from my favorite novel, one from a children’s book, and the last was a Robert Frost poem, which we chose because he wrote it to his daughter on her wedding day and because he spent a lot of time in the Bennington area. We also planted an apple tree the day before the ceremony, and then completed the planting during the ceremony! Since we got married in my parents’ apple orchard, we wanted to honor that and we loved that the tree is a symbol in many ways for marriage and for family. So all of these things are “new” traditions. What is an “old” tradition is that we got married at my parents’ house in Old Bennington, VT. My parents did the same exact thing 30 years ago–got married at my grandparents’ house in Old Bennington, VT!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
-Joe and his groomsmen’s suits are all from Joe’s custom suit shop, Sebastien Grey. We wanted them to have a formal look so they’re a beautiful rich navy. And then we added a little fun to it by choosing navy ties with white polka dots from Tie Bar. Joe’s shoes were Cole Haan :)
-My mother surprised us by creating two “Family Trees,” which means that she hung photos of our family in one apple tree, and photos of Joe’s family in another!
-Along with the band and the aesthetics, Joe and I cared a lot about the food, which is why we chose Mezze. Their food is incredible both in taste and presentation, and the whole staff was a pleasure to work with.

From the moment I stepped into the library I knew this is where I’d have the getting ready take place. Just a gorgeous room!

Hannah keeps our streak of #hotcwbrides alive!! Just ask her bridesmaids :)
One of my favorite spreads from the entire day
Hannah just looked absolutely stunning. Her Amsale dress was the perfect choice, the light, the property, everything was a slam dunk

Joe and the guys were back at the Equinox starting the day off
You might have read about this above from Hannah, but her mother setting up these “family trees” that you had to walk through in the orchard to reach the ceremony site were awesome and very much a hit
It’s nice when you’re parent’s have an orchard on their property to use for the wedding!
Love these real moments during the Bennington VT wedding ceremony
I wish I could shoot in a ceremony location like this every weekend


Immediately after the ceremony we took a stroll to the front of the property to steal a few private moments
Back at the tent everything was getting set up for the reception


The sun was just starting to drop as we kicked off the first dance
Once we finished the formalities we snuck (ran) off into the orchard for some sunset portraits
Butta light!!
Yes please, just the perfect little kiss of warm light as the sun drops

The party kicked off and went well into the night
I hope you enjoyed viewing these gorgeous Bennington, Vermont wedding photos as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you to both families for allowing me to capture Hannah+Joe’s wedding photos!

Dress Designer: Amsale
Dress Shop: Amsale
Hair/makeup: Make Me Fabulous
Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff
Flowers: Nancy Bishop Floral Design
Cake: Emily Gold / Paper Cake Scissors
Catering: Mezze Catering
Entertainment: New York Players
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Mezze helped to coordinate all of our vendors and handled everything the day of but my parents and I designed the whole wedding and created all the signs, table numbers, escort card display, and more! We had a vision!


Andrea+Zach l Whiteface Club Wedding

Zach+Andrea have been together for ten years, they began dating their freshman year of high school. They choose to have a long distance relationship during college, Zach went to Norwich, a Military School, while Andrea went to the University of Rhode Island. After college Zach enlisted in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Reservist. While he was at boot camp Andrea spent her summer in Lake Placid. All of the letters she sent Zach that summer had a Lake Placid stamp on them. Knowing their backstory always makes it more fun diving into the wedding video. Enjoy this gorgeous feature from Andrea+Zach’s Whiteface Club wedding!


Zach proposed last summer while they were vacationing in Hawaii (and everyone knows how much the studio loves Hawaii!). At sunset they drove down to Ka Lea the southern most tip of the Hawaiian Islands. It was here on the black volcanic cliffs overlooking the sunset on the ocean that Zach asked Andera to marry him. Her engagement ring has a blue sapphire in it which symbolizes that moment and how blue the water was. Speaking of gorgeous scenery and blue water – let’s dive into these amazing Whiteface Club wedding photos!

Andrea’s inscription she had put on the back of her father’s tie was featured on our Instagram as well – such a great idea

A very excited bride to her dress on!

Andrea and her mother made the veil together. Hopefully she will be able to pass it down one day to her younger sisters or her future children on their wedding days. Andrea also borrowed the diamond solitaire necklace that her dad gave her mom on her twenty first birthday.



Whiteface Club makes this wedding photo thing easy with a backdrop like this!!!



It was time to head around the property for some classic Whiteface Club wedding photos




They wanted to stick with the Adirondack/ Rustic chic theme so they choose to use Greens, Browns, and Whites as their wedding colors. They tried to incorporate different textures such as moss, twigs, birch bark, and candles to decorate the already beautiful space.


Once the sun started to drop and we saw that twilight purplish sky it was time to head out for portraits!



Thank you for checking out our Whiteface Club wedding photo and video! Such a gorgeous wedding and we’re happy we get to share it all with you!

Wedding & Reception Venue(s): The Whiteface Club and Resort
Dress: Allure Bridal
Accessories: Borrowed Diamonds from Mom
Shoes: Unisa
Hair/makeup: The Spa at The Mirror Lake Inn
Bridesmaid dresses: Jcrew
Flowers: Trillium Florist
Cake: The Whiteface Club & Cake Placid
Catering: The Whiteface Club
Entertainment: Good Guys Productions
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Kristin Parker


Philadelphia Omni Wedding Photos l Sara+Dave

I’m excited to feature Sara+Dave’s gorgeous Philadelphia Omni wedding photos on the blog this morning! These 2 have become friends through the wedding planning – from the emails to the engagement shoot up in the VT mountains (they let me pick the location and they went in blind). Even their dog Ursa has become a family friend :) The weather we had for the engagement literally couldn’t have been any better, but unfortunately we used up all our weather magic on that day. However nothing was going to temper the excitement Sara+Dave had on their wedding day – they were extreme troopers and up for anything (like always) so we had a blast! I hope you enjoy looking at our Philadelphia wedding photos below! You’ll notice I’ve sprinkled in quotes from Sara herself throughout the blog as well….

This first capture on the left was a candid of Dave and Ursa, but the photo on the right is one of my all time favorite groom portraits I’ve done

The Penthouse at the Philadelphia Omni made our wedding photos even better!
Even the color scheme of the room matched the wedding! Sara noted the color scheme was rustic elegance with lots of blush+neutral tones, with some bright blue colors added in.
We love keeping the streak alive of C+W #hotbrides
I love when Mom and Dad are part of the getting ready
On our way to the first look I couldn’t help but put this shot together, even in a light rain
First look time – I already told you how excited these 2 were to see each other right?
Ursa knows when I’m around it’s photo time
We then got caught in some rain, but still decided to head around town to capture gorgeous Philadelphia wedding photos before going back to the Omni
This photo was on our Instagram – even in the rain Sara looks gorgeous and happy
Romantic black and whites are some of my favs
We were then back at the Omni for the Ketubah signing
The wedding ballroom at the Philadelphia Omni was set up beautifully
Sara’s Uncle Mark Gehrig did a surprise reading that was historical and fit the location of the wedding perfectly
From Sara: “Dave and I had an interfaith ceremony with a modern twist and created a few new fun elements. Prior to the ceremony we had a ketubah signing. I thought that was such a special moment with close family. We also had a unity candle during the ceremony. The candles we used were from my maternal grandmother, Mary Gehrig and Daves maternal grandmother Norma Feinberg. Since a unity candle is suppose to symbolize two families coming together as one, we thought it would be cool to bring in family heirlooms. Of course, Dave had to break the glass.”
Sara’s excitement continued to shine all day
Once the room was flipped it went through a total transformation
From Sara: “We had a travel theme going throughout the wedding. My mom hand made paper airplanes with people’s names and table assignments on them. Each table was a different places that Dave and I have visited together. We loved being able to share our experiences with our guests. Also, our beloved dog, Ursa was scattered throughout the wedding as well. My mom and dad surprised us with an almost life size cut out version of her for guests to sign as the guest book.”
How much fun is this crowd having?!


It’s been a pleasure getting to know, and work with, Sara+Dave every step of the way. Thank you for checking out the Philadelphia Omni wedding photos we created together!

Dress Designer: Impressions Bridal
Dress Shop: Philadelphia Bridal Company
Hair/makeup: Cheers 2 U Events
Bridesmaid dresses: BHLDN by Anthropologie
Flowers: Kerry from Fabufloras
Cake: Bredenbecks Bakery
Catering: Omni Hotel
Entertainment: LOVE 77 from EBE Events and Entertainment (also provided lighting and photo booth)
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Mother of the Bride – she did a ton stuff by herself and she did an amazing job at it.
Invitations: Chick Invitations (designed custom invitations, wedding weekend itineraries/maps, and thank you cards)
Philadelphia Omni Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio
Officiant: Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer with Journeys From the Heart


Andrea+Aboubacar’s Sagamore Wedding Photos

We’re excited to share this gorgeous set of Sagamore wedding photos this morning, with Andrea+Aboubacar! We’ve been fortunate in that we’ve shot a lot of Sagamore weddings this summer, and it’s one of our absolute favorite places to capture C+W couples. The day that these 2 had though, was potentially the best weather all summer. There’s gorgeous light throughout the blog, but just wait until you see those sunset photos…

First though we kicked the day off with some great detail photos, and getting ready

The ladies looked beautiful!
Andrea was keeping the C+W #hotbride tradition alive!
Speaking of which, Aboubacar was killing it too! Should we start a C+W #hotgroom hashtag on social media now?

We went down to the lake for the first look
Not a bad view :)
Speaking of not a bad view…. the terrace Sagamore wedding ceremonies on a sunny June day are incredible!! It almost doesn’t look real (no Photoshop here)
As we know though, the moments like these are what it’s really all about
It was a gorgeous ceremony

They even had a horse and carriage ride around the property after the ceremony
Sunset is incredibly late at The Sagamore in June, but we still had some nice light before cocktail hour for some Sagamore wedding photos
Meanwhile the Sagamore wedding reception room looked beautiful (Surroundings always does a great job!). The blush+ivory color scheme was classic.
We love great details and dances!
Once we saw the incredible butta light hit the scene we were outside in a hurry. Amazing photo below, one of my favs from The Sagamore ever.
Here is a quote, straight from Andrea: “My wedding was the best day of my life. I had envisioned my wedding to be beautiful and had no doubt that it would be. However, my high expectations for the day were blown completely out of this world! It was more than I could have ever dreamed of. The ceremony was a celebration of the true love my husband and I share. So many people came together to make our day magical. We truly appreciate all the work that went into making it happen!”
More insane butta light with these 2! Classic Sagamore wedding photos on the docks
Thank you for checking out this gorgeous set of Sagamore wedding photos!

Dress Designer: Dina Davos
Dress Shop: Kleinfeld Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Surroundings Floral
Cake: The Sagamore
Catering: The Sagamore
Entertainment: DJ Andy Pratt
Rentals: Total Events
Officiant: Joy Burke


Lacey+Mark’s Crooked Lake House Wedding

This has to be one of the biggest Crooked Lake House wedding we’ve ever captured, and one of the most incredible. 280 guest, cathedral ceremony, and a full fireworks display were just a few of the details that were part of the story of Lacey+Mark’s wedding.

Despite the size of the event it felt small and comfortable, like a close connection of friend. Lacey’s brother puts this into words what I think we were all experiencing and that is Lacey+Mark’s connection with everyone in their lives. That is how you have 280 guest at your wedding, that is how an amazing night like this one happens.

We can’t thank you enough for having us not only film your Crooked Lake House wedding, but also for making us feel like the 281st guest.

Venue: Crooked Lake House
Ceremony: The Church of the Blessed Sacrament
Event Coordinator: Christine Wheat Special Event Firm
Photography: Ryan Brenizer Photography
Makeup: Kyle Anne Garcia
Band: Mirage out of Boston
Decor/Flowers: Parties with Mia
Crooked Lake House Wedding Video: Clark+Walker Studio

4th of July came early at Lacey+Mark’s wedding and we just had to put something special together to show this fireworks display off.