Kennebunkport Wedding Photos l Callie+Tyler

We’re extremely excited to share some Kennebunkport wedding photos with you this evening! From the time Callie and I first chatted on the phone about her vision for the wedding, I knew I had to photograph this wedding. The style her and Tyler were looking for in their Kennebunkport wedding photos at the Breakwater Inn was exactly the way I like to shoot. Plus, let’s be honest, the coast of Maine in the middle of summer? Yes please! We came up a couple days early because the weather was perfect, scouted photo spots, went sailing, and after stuffing ourselves so full of lobster we were bursting at the seams – we were ready to knock this wedding out of the park!

Beautiful bride? Check. Beautiful location? Check. Beautiful details? Check. You know you must be on the C+W blog!
Callie just looked stunning
Her girls were a huge help :)
I felt bad having to hike a tiny bit to get these photos… but we just could not pass up this location. This was the classic Kennebunkport wedding photo feel that I wanted, and saw around town.
Absolutely perfect for the bridesmaids photo
We also pulled Tyler and the guys outside for some getting ready as well.
We had some fun before the ceremony, as these guys were a blast and ready to enjoy an awesome day in Maine
Everything matched, from the socks to the programs! Creating wedding photos with this level of detail makes our job easy!

Nothing like looking over the river+ocean for these Breakwater Inn wedding photos


It was literally the perfect wedding ceremony for these 2
Afterward it was time for some bride+groom portraits around the grounds of the Breakwater Inn
It was honestly hard trying to pick which photos to share from this little session because we had so much great stuff! But I had to save some room at the end of this feature for you know what….
Meanwhile back at the reception, the Breakwater Inn wedding reception looked great

The energy everyone had, that the entire wedding day had, can be felt throughout the images
Again, we’re always going for those angles that keep the feel of Kennebunkport and the harbor in these Breakwater Inn wedding photos
BAM! We kept you waiting long enough – BUTTA LIGHT time
The sunset right behind the venue was exactly what we needed to give these two the type of wedding photos Callie and I had been discussing.


This is now 2 summers in a row that we’ve been able to travel up to Maine to capture Kennebunkport wedding photos, and it’s been a true treat. Thanks you to Callie+Tyler, and both their families, for bringing us back up once again. Congratulations on an amazing Kennebunkport wedding.

Location: Breakwater Inn weddings
Tent: Atent for Rent
Rentals: Rentals Unlimited
Music: The Clark Eno Orchestra
Planner: Tangorra Wedding Planning
Florist: Stapleton
Hair: Nikki Epstein
Makeup: Jennifer McLaughlin
Transportation: Maine Limousine Service
Cake: Black Tie Bakers
Kennebunkport Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio


Caitlin+Dan’s Red Maple Vineyard Wedding Video

We’re so excited to unveil Caitlin+Dan’s Red Maple Vineyard wedding video this afternoon! This was absolutely “our” type of wedding: Upstate NY, great love story, awesome people, summer breeze, and much more. We’ll shoot in the fast paced cities one week, then spend the next week kicking back in the tall grass and scenic hillsides. This Red Maple Vineyard wedding was one of those tall grass, hillside places and a fabulous backdrop for a wedding. It doesn’t get much better in my opinion. What a treat to be involved with such a great wedding.

We are so thankful that Caitlin+Dan had us at their Red Maple Vineyard wedding, and for allowing us to capture this fantastic wedding story.

Venue: Red Maple Vineyard Wedding
Caterer: Corner Stone Caterers
Hair/Makeup: La Tua Bella
DJ: Lutz Entertainment
Red Maple Vineyard Wedding Video: Clark+Walker Studio


Nandita+Georgio’s NYC Gotham Hall Wedding Video

We’re here to start your week off right with this amazing Gotham Hall wedding in NYC. There were so many facets to Nandita and Georgio’s NYC wedding, it was perfect for us as filmmakers. They kicked things off in Flushing, NY with a traditional Indian Ceremony at the Ganesh Temple. You know us here at Clark+Walker, we are huge fans of Indian weddings with all the customs, the color, and the excitement! However, they did a pretty incredible job when they moved things to Gotham Hall in NYC for their traditional ceremony. They incorporated Georgio’s family and their own culture, dancing, and traditions. In short, there is a lot going on here, so try and keep up as you follow along this incredible wedding!

Thanks to you both for letting us be a part of your Gotham Hall wedding in NYC!

Hotel: Langham Place Fifth Ave
Ceremony & Reception: Gotham Hall
Planning: Toby Sarna
Hair: Olympia Colandrea of Da Noi on Fitfth
Makeup: Robin Schoen
Floral: 13th Ave Florist
Photography: Justin+Mary Photography(Photo Blog)
DJ: International Sounds
Gotham Hall Wedding Video: Clark+Walker Studio


Quogue Wedding Photos l Lea+Alexander

It’s been an incredible summer over here at C+W, and a big part of that was this gorgeous set of Quogue wedding photos that I’m about to share! Lea+Alexander invited us down for a beautiful weekend in the Hamptons that was just perfect. We came down and were able to share in a memorable weekend for all involved. From the time guests arrived at one of the nicest rehearsal dinners we’ve seen, until the golden sunset during the wedding reception this was the perfect event. We have a ton of photos, and both families have waited long enough, so I want to dive right in!
We start with the aforementioned rehearsal dinner – spectacular!
The festivities continued the next day with their Quogue Field Club wedding. I know Lea didn’t want me to focus too much of our photography on the details, but I can’t at least sneak in some shots when everything looks this gorgeous!
The ladies did a great job keeping it light and fun as Lea got her dress on
Another absolutely stunning CW bride!!
I just absolutely love these portraits… fresh, clean, and Lea looks amazing
This little series depicts the first time Lea and her father got to see each other – you can tell how close these families are
The bridesmaids all looked beautiful too – let’s be honest… great location, beautiful light, and awesome people. Our kind of wedding as you all know!
Meanwhile Alexander and the guys were also keeping it light and enjoying the perfect summer day for a Quogue wedding
Looking dapper!
We were a little restricted in the church for the ceremony – but you think that’s going to stop us from capturing gold??

Ladies and gents, husband and wife
Afterward it was time to head to the Quogue Field Club for some Quogue wedding photos
We really love how these images gave our interpretation of the Hamptons in the summer. The backgrounds, the colors, everything we chose was inspiration from spending the weekend at this Quogue wedding

The wedding reception room at the Quogue Field Club was styled beautifully
Time for some intros and first dance
The toasts were great, and once again showed the love that all the families shared. Everyone was so close – it was exactly what a wedding should be about
We can’t go down to the Hamptons for a Quogue wedding and NOT take advantage of the butta light though!!!


Congratulations to Lea, Alexander, and both families on an absolutely perfect wedding. Thank you all for inviting us down to the Hamptons to capture these Quogue wedding photos.

Dress: Anna Maier (purchased at A Little Something White Bridal in Darien)
Hair/makeup: Hair- Brunetti Salon/Makeup- Sharon Becker, SB Beauty
Bridesmaid dresses: Lula Kate
Groomsmen Attire: Vineyard Vines
Groomsmen Ties: Collared Greens
Flowers: Flowers by Rori
Cake: Kathy Burton
Catering: Stone Creek Catering
Entertainment: Hudson Project
Quogue Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio


Morgan+Richard’s Stonover Farm Wedding Video

We’ve been to the Stonover farm once before and came away with one of our most popular wedding trailers of that year, and now we are back to film Richard+Morgan’s Stonover farm wedding video. We’re hoping this beautiful couple, and video, is most of the most popular for this year! The photo team already set the bar high for us with THIS great wedding feature from these two.

First, let me say just how thrilled we were to be a part of this special day. Both Richard+Morgan were super comfortable and easy going, which fit the rustic backdrop of the Stonover Farm perfectly. It was hard to catch them not joking, laughing or smiling at each other through out the day, and that was just fine with us. In fact, we LOVE it! We really were able to catch some special moments between them and their families, and that is all over this Stonover farm wedding video.

We can’t thank you enough for making us a part of your Stonover farm wedding video.
Ceremony Site: Stonover Farm, Lenox, MA
Dress: Liancarlo
Accessories: Jewelry–my great grandmothers diamond bracelet, Mom’s watch, earrings and moonstone bracelet from Jewelz in Lenox, MA
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair/makeup: Jeanne Riley-Ortega
Bridesmaid dresses: All the girls got to pick their own! Girls chose Diane von Furstenburg, Sue Wong, amongst others
Flowers: Crocus Hale Flowers
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes – Special mention to Sue Gilbert who owns the franchise down there and figured out a way to ship not only our tiered cakes, but 300+ bundtinis!
Catering: Savory Harvest Catering
Acoustic Trio: Keros Entertainement
DJ: DJ Gatsby
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: The Bride’s Mother!
Stonover Farm Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio