Engagement Photos with Amy+Nico

I’m really excited to share Amy+Nico’s gorgeous engagement session we captured last weekend! Amy+Nico are friends of ours, when Nico isn’t posing for our camera he’s always our lawyer and part time golf partner. Amy joined us at the track last season (which was a blast), but she’s also an extremely talented make up artist. If any of my brides are looking for hair and make up for their wedding email Amy at luxebeautybarinc@gmail.com – you’ll be glad you did.

Needless to say when we started to put our heads together for this engagement shoot we knew we had to come up with something unique. Amy has great taste, so I was really excited to see what she could come up with (Nico would agree, and so would Amy’s 12k instagram followers). Nico is a fly fishing enthusiast so these 2 came to me with the idea of shooting in a cute, country spot where Nico fishes, that showed their love but with also chic and fun. I walked away from this shoot in love with the images, and teased more on our instagram (hint hint) than any other shoot I’ve done in a while. So with that back story, please enjoy the photos!
We started off the session in some already buttery light, while giving the boot to some youngins drinking beer by the river
Nico picked a spot with a classic covered bridge – we of course had to take advantage
These 2 were both stars of the show, they were great in front of the camera
Amy is going to be our 2015 all star though, we can photograph her all day
We finished up with this gorgeous spot, and I love these captures as we’re leaving (and yes they really are this cute in real life)
After we finished up with those land portraits it was time to hop in the water! Luckily I love these 2 because I actually had to take off my shorts to get in this river for some of the shots
These shots are just classic. It’s them doing what they love, and also a gorgeous summer setting with the rope swing
After we finished with the covered bridge, the rope swing, the fly fishing… it was time to get something a little nicer on and get in that butta light with the VT mountains in the background
Did I mention butta light? Yes I did, and yes we had it.


Thanks for checking out our engagement session, and just wait until you see the wedding!!


Clark+Walker Studio Albums

So many of our couples live outside the area in which our studio is based, so the in-person meeting just isn’t an option for the majority of the couples who work with us. However we know the wedding album is an incredibly important piece of the wedding photography decision, and we like to honor that. As a way of getting people comfortable with the gorgeous leather albums we offer we’ve created this page to show off our goods in a variety of pictures. We understand (and agree) that there’s nothing quite like a fresh new wedding album, unfolding the paper, that new leather smell… but we hope this is the next best way to show off these albums. We want to put one of those aforementioned leather albums in your hands, so hopefully this showcase helps your comfort level in making this decision.
Here you can see the beautiful leather cover, and also the thickness of the pages (and quality)





The vertical presentation you’ve seen above is a little more popular, but we can also design them horizontally as you see here



On the right is our signature Leather Album that you’ve seen throughout this showcase, but on the left you’ll also see our Portrait Album. The main difference between these 2 books is the cover. The leather Album is obviously leather (a huge variety of colors are available), while the Portrait Album is a large photo wrapped around the front+back covers. You’ll also notice a slightly thinner page on the Portrait Album. In our packages we use the Leather Album as our “wedding album” for the couple, and Portrait Album as our “parent album” for the parents.



All of our albums are designed in-house, by our own album designer, and they are previewed by you online. You can give feedback, changes, and generally be as involved as you’d like. We work hard to make this album perfect since we know this will be the “brag piece” from your gorgeous event!


Melisa+Neil l Canfield Casino Wedding

We’re excited to start the morning off with a gorgeous Canfield Casino wedding with Melisa+Neil! Shannon from Wedding Planning Plus contacted me about Melisa’s wedding, and from the start I knew we were going to have a beautiful wedding with the team that was being put together. You don’t always know what kind of weather, or look, you’ll get in late March in Upstate NY…. this this year it turned out to look like a gorgeous winter wedding. Unfortunately it felt like it too, so big props to Melisa+Neil for allowing us to capture these gorgeous photos below. Enjoy!

We started off with some fun detail shots at the Inn at Saratoga
The girls and their matching robes!
Another beautiful C+W bride (it never gets old)
Her father obviously agreed :)
Riding to the ceremony in class always makes for good wedding photos
I love this set of pre-ceremony moments. We’re always buzzing around trying to capture different angles, people, and candid moments
St Marys Church in Ballston Spa always looks beautiful




After the wedding ceremony it was time for some bridal party wedding photos around Saratoga Springs
I love this photo of Neil and the guys (CW facebook teaser alert!)

You can clearly see why this road is named “Avenue of the Pines”
One of the things I love best about photographing a Canfield Casino wedding is having access to these great wedding photo spots around Saratoga

We had to head back to the Canfield Casino wedding reception to warm up
The ballroom at this Canfield Casino wedding looked perfect




Thank you for allowing us to share in your beautiful Canfield Casino wedding!
Hair+Make Up: Make Me Fabulous
Vintage Car: Advantage Transportation Group
Rentals: Rain or Shine Tent Rentals
Flowers: Fleurtacious Designs
Videography: LaRose Media
Band: Soul Session
Catering: Mazzone Hospitality
Reception: Canfield Casino
Planner: Wedding Planning Plus
Canfield Casino Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker Studio


A League of Their Own Photo Shoot!

I hope everyone is ready for baseball! My St Louis Cardinals open up the season this weekend (Sunday night against the Cubbies) so this seems like the perfect time to share this incredible “A League of Their Own” themed photo shoot! Alisha and Lindsay from Clark+Walker Portraits teamed up with Tara from Tiane Novati to knock this photo shoot out of the park. The cute kids below belong to all 3 ladies! Lindsay had the idea while discussing Halloween costumes and it lead to one of our favorite shoots (our kids are in it, can you blame us?!)

This first image on the left you may recognize if you’ve been to the C+W offices. Aurora can’t help but be cute! And Talon on the right… well Tom Hanks has nothing on him :)
Tara did an incredible job making the uniforms!!!
The girls all had a blast on the field together
The image on the left, of Aurora+Gaia, is one of our favorites. It’s the C+W version of Kit+Dottie!


The kids were phenomenal… and I’m not sure if they had more fun playing, or whether it was the parents ;)


Lisa+Chad l Hall of Springs Wedding

We have another winter wedding to feature on the blog this morning! We’ve done a lot of winter weddings this year, but that might be at least partially due to the winter that never ends. Fortunately we’ve had a pretty winter though too, and some great weddings. This wedding was not only pretty but also had a couple I already knew (and loved), and was a Hall of Springs wedding. Everyone who follows the blog knows how much we love a Hall of Springs wedding, especially with a classic C+W couple… so let’s dive in!
We’re always looking for these expressions once the dress starts getting put on. It’s funny but you can feel the energy shift once the wedding dress gets put on in the brides room.
Another beautiful C+W bride!
Lisa had a nice moment with her father once the dress was put on
Alice captured this great little series of the flower girl, I love the image of her looking at the bride through the window

Chad is a man after my heart with his family shoe cleaning kit. A man who takes care of his shoes instantly gets props from me (anyone who knows me knows I love shoes). It was a great touch in the getting ready
In addition Lisa shared this about Chad: “Chad is an illustrator and is big on typography. We loved our invitations of with our names in League Gothic and the ampersand in Adobe Caslon Pro Semibold Italic, so we made that into an “L & C” logo that we sprinkled through out. Our friend carved the logo into wood for us, and my sister-in-law created a sign for the back of our chair.”

It was time to set up the first look once the getting ready was over
It was cold, but these 2 were troopers once again! In the engagement shoot it was mosquitos and tall grass, this time it was freezing wind and ice patches. No matter what these 2 have huge smiles in front of the camera – thank you!
The teaser on the C+W facebook page
One of my favorite wedding portraits, you can see the nice light trying to sneak in the background

The wedding ceremony was back at the Hall of Springs

The set up around the Hall of Springs was beautiful, and organized so all could see the ceremony
These 2 brought the energy for what ended up being an awesome reception (props to DJ Paul Malo who was a rockstar the entire night)
Lisa+Chad designed the ballroom at Hall of Springs to have an ivory, gold, and red color scheme which was beautiful
As if this wedding wasn’t already awesome enough, let’s add in some killer fireworks!
For the grand finale…. we’ll add some C+W photobooth images!
Thank you both for everything, from the engagement shoot to the Hall of Springs wedding experience. It’s been a blast every step of the way.

Ceremony+Reception: Hall of Springs
Dress: Adorae by Sottero & Midgley
Hair/makeup: Complexions
Flowers: Linda Meek
Officiant: Reverend Joy Burke
Cake: Mazzone
Catering: Mazzone
Entertainment: ceremony – Adirondack Cellist; reception – DJ Paul Malo
Hall of Springs Wedding Photos: Clark+Walker