This wedding feature is a very special one to us, as Cyrilla+Marc are both good friends of the studio. Cyrilla+Marc met each other playing softball, but that’s also where I (Luke) met them both as well. We have, quite possibly, the best job anyone could ever want in the first place… but getting to share that with such great people just makes it even that much more special – which is why we’re here sharing this feature on the website this morning! It all started with an amazing engagement sessions (teaser below), and that brought us to this awesome Albany Country Club wedding feature!

What are your wedding colors and/or themes?
Our wedding colors were a Pink/Punch and Navy Blue. Punch is a nice bright summer color and we thought Navy Blue would help make it stand out (sapphire is also in Cyrilla’s engagement ring). The bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful punch color and the men’s tuxes were cobalt blue.

What is your inspiration when planning your wedding?
While we were planning the wedding we tried to match our personalities as much as possible – having things fun, yet personable. We wanted everything to have a meaning and/or story behind it for us, our families and our guests. It made everything about our day that much more meaningful and memorable!

Did you incorporate any fun themes/motifs or design elements?
Our centerpieces were one of our favorite elements we decided on for our day because of the baseballs. We met playing softball and wanted to bring that special factor that brought us together into our day. Marc and the groomsmen wore New York Yankee argyle dress socks too. We also had a very special bridal party opportunity – we had all of our siblings and in-laws in our bridal party, as well as our niece as the flower girl and all our nephews as the “Ring Team”. Family is very important to us and it was really fun having our immediate families involved in our wedding day, as well as walk out to the “We Are Family” remix song at the reception!

Did you include any special traditions, old or new?
The veil Cyrilla wore was her mother’s veil she wore on her wedding day 40 years ago. Cyrilla’s sister wore their mother’s veil 14 years ago on her wedding day as well – it was very special for all three ‘Suker girls’. Two other new elements we incorporated into the wedding day was when we invited all guests to the dance floor after the walkout songs (at the reception) to “Shut Up and Dance With Me” to show the amount of years married that we would have; this was a fun way to set the tone for the night with our guests and to have them feel apart of creating our future. The other new and very different tradition we created was the anniversary song/dance to “Honey I’m Good” and having our guests write the amount of years they have been married on a piece of paper and dancing with it in upbeat celebration for us to see all the years while dancing around with everyone.

Thank you both, sincerely, for allowing us to capture such a beautiful wedding!!

Dress Designer: Davids Bridal Collection
Dress Shop: Davids Bridal
Hair/makeup: Alexandria’s Salon (Alex and Rachael)
Barber: RJ Knaupp, Wedding Barber
Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal
Tuxes: Tuxego
Flowers: Bountiful Blooms
Cake: Piece of Cake Bakery and Cafe
Catering: Albany Country Club
Jeweler: Hannoush Jewelers
Entertainment: Conway Entertainment (Fernando Bustamonte)
Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Albany Country Club Event Coordinator – Kim Aperance

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