wedding photographers in albany ny

Walking around some cities can feel like you’re browsing a gallery of amazing wedding locations. Albany NY, with its peaceful yet cultured atmosphere, is one such city, and Clark+Walker Studio has the experience needed to bring its attractions to the fore. With our team ready to handle your wedding videography wherever in the city you choose to celebrate you are free to search yourself, or with our help, and find that perfect spot.

A versatile location with venues aplenty for wedding videography

Residents of Albany say it changes its complexion with the seasons, bringing something new to your wedding videography opportunities. The same park which in May gives forth picturesque ranks of tulips could, for a winter wedding, frame your day with a backdrop of dazzling snow. Our photographers will help plan with you to consider what options are available for your chosen time, and help you scope out your location to preview what angles or views might be captured. And if you were hoping for an elegant wedding indoors, Albany also presents a range of award winning downtown venues, a hugely successful wedding spot recommended nation-wide.

Choose wedding photographers with a sterling track record

Your wedding is a celebration of what promises to be a long and happy marriage to each other. Of the many choices before you in the run up to that day, one of the very best is arranging for wedding photographers who will talk to you and work with you to capture your vision of that day. Our past couples will tell you how priceless it is to be able to look back on video memories of your wedding day and have them be as perfect and vibrant as you remember it being. That sort of quality is assured when you work with Clark+Walker Studio, a reputation we work every day to uphold.

Inquire today about wedding options in Albany, NY

To formally request C+W photography at your Albany event, use our website’s contact form. This will let us know your details as well as key features of your planned event that will be relevant when we contact you to organise a programme. While you’re browsing, why not look at our wedding shoots from other rustic areas such as Lenox or the Berkshires?

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