Clark+Walker Studio was formed as the brainchild of Alisha Clark and Luke Walker.

They met at a photography conference in Los Angeles through mutual friends and quickly formed a strong friendship. Even though they lived 1,000 miles apart they found themselves traveling back and forth to shoot with one another regularly and talking about business until the wee hours of the morning. Luke eventually lured Alisha away from her home in the Midwest to come live with him in NY (diamonds do that kind of thing to a girl!). Even though they lived together and were engaged, they kept their businesses separate.

As if two businesses weren’t enough, they saw a huge need for contemporary wedding films in Upstate NY and started a third company to fill the niche.

As all 3 businesses continued to grow, and once the wedding bells started to ring, Luke and Alisha decided to merge everything into one company called Clark+Walker Studio.

The team at C+W is now comprised of a team of photographers+videographers who are regular contributors to some of the nation’s largest magazines and blogs while being flown around the world for assignments. In addition they are commissioned every year to shoot fashion runway down in NYC for the hottest dress designers in weddings. Please use the contact form on this website to see how the studio can create this type of award winning work at your event.


Luke Walker
Luke Walker

Owner. Founder. Photographer.

Luke is originally from Upstate NY and has been capturing weddings all over the Northeast for 10+ years. In addition to his weddings, he is regularly commissioned by top wedding publications like The Knot and Wedding Style. “My favorite aspect of photographing weddings is the friendships I’m able to forge with awesome couples. I truly do get the best couples!”

Alisha Clark-Walker
Alisha Clark-Walker

Owner. Photographer. Weddings. Kids.

Alisha brings her Midwest hospitality to the East Coast in our studio (although the accent is gone). She’s been professionally shooting the longest of anyone in the studio, and has a wide ranging client base from weddings to families. “The best part about being a photographer is capturing the real moments. Whether it’s a wedding, or a family, I love capturing what’s real.”

Josh Rask
Josh Rask

Head of Cinema. Videographer. Editor.

Josh, a New Yorker, runs the cinematography department at C+W and has for 5+years. He over-sees all things video from the editing, to the client interaction, to the final deliverables. “My favorite part of weddings is seeing and telling the story. Each wedding has a story that keeps me extremely passionate about videography.”

Katie Anello
Katie Anello

Photo Coordinator. Associate Photographer.

Katie’s originally from Long Island, but now oversees the day-to-day studio operations in Upstate NY. In addition to coordinating all things photo, she’s the lead Associate Photographer. “My favorite thing about working at C+W is getting to follow my life’s passion. I had always dreamed of capturing people’s most important moments through the camera and I love it.”


Our humble abode is located in Troy NY, which is in the Capital Region of Upstate, NY. We call this historic storefront surrounded by massive windows our studio. Don’t let our physical location fool you though, we strategically picked this spot to be able to service a variety of major markets in the Northeast. North of us we have the Lake George, Lake Placid, and the Adirondack Mountains which we spend lots of time in. East of us we have natural beauty like the Berkshire Mountains and Southern Vermont, while also having easy access to Boston. South of us we of course have NYC, the Hudson Valley, and the tri-state area as a whole. The Finger Lakes region lies just West of us for a quick drive (and is also where Luke+Alisha were married themselves). In addition to all of these locations being a quick drive from our studio, we’ve also been hired to capture weddings in places such as St Barths, Hawaii, Santa Barbara, Puerto Rico, the Arizona Dessert, Bermuda, down to Mexico, and up to Canada. Regardless of where your event is being held we’d love to come, whether it’s a short drive or a puddle jumper.